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About iaccounts

  • Iaccounts is IUP’s account setup and password reset service. This is available for users to do first-time account set-ups, various password changes, and claiming alumni/former student accounts.

    The webpage is split into three sections. If you have any issues with any of the processes below, you can log a ticket via ihelp. Active users are encouraged to use this option. However, if you are having issues with your MyIUP/Network password, or you are an alumni or former student, please call us at 724-357-4000 or e-mail us at

    First-Time Set-Up

    New students and employees will activate their IUP computing accounts using the options here. This first step is to activate your MyIUP/Network account. You will be prompted for personal information that only you know in order to begin the process. After setting this password, iaccounts offers you the opportunity to sign up your cell phone for self-service password reset. As long as you have a cell phone number that can receive SMS text messages, you will be able to utilize this service.

    Please note, it must be a US number, not an international phone. When you have completed this process, you can go to the Active Students and Active Employees section to set your I-Mail and your ESS passwords.

    Active Students and Active Employees

    All currently enrolled students have active accounts. Alumni retain the active account status for 60 days after graduation. Undergraduate students who stop attending (no longer enrolled) still hold the active account status for one year after their last term of attendance. Graduate students hold the active account status for approximately six months.

    When an employee leaves, their account is deactivated and they no longer have access to IUP resources. Employees can not claim any Former Student Account unless they were previously a student of the university.

    If you have any questions with these processes, you can log a ticket via ihelp. Active users are encouraged to use this option. However, if you are have questions regarding your MyIUP/Network password, or you are an alumni or former student, please call us at 724-357-4000 or e-mail us at

    This section will allow users with active accounts the opportunity to update their various passwords. Links include utilizing the Self-Service Utility that you signed up for when activating your account. Links are also available to change your MyIUP/Network password, your I-Mail and ESS passwords, as well as updating your cell phone number for the Self-Service Utility. For these options, you must know your current MyIUP/network password.

    Alumni and Former Students

    Per the Account Retention Policy, student accounts remain active for a specified period of time after graduation or leaving the university. Once the time frame passes, the IUP account is deactivated, and this is when you can claim your account as an Alumni or a Former Student.

    Alumni and former students can claim accounts that will allow them to log into the MyIUP Former portal for services. These services include (but are not limited to) requesting transcripts and requesting an Alumni LiveMail account (  Please note,  these services do no provide access to the campus network or an IUP e-mail account ( 

    If you forgot your Alumni LiveMail password, you will need to e-mail Iaccounts does not currently have an option for the self-service utility.

    Reset Your Password

    1. Browse to the iaccounts page.
    2. Click on  Forgot/Reset Password
    3. Enter your User ID (ex: @00000000) and your  date of birth (mmddyyyy) . Be sure to include the @ when entering your User ID and to enter your date of birth in the (mmddyyyy) format.
    4. Click on Change Password.
    5. Verify your phone number and click  Yes, Continue.
    6. You will receive a message on your phone with a code. Enter this code into the validation box and hit the  Submit  button.
    7. If you entered the correct code, you will see your computing account information and the option to enter your new password. 
    8. Enter the password you wish to use in the Enter your NEW Password box. Re-enter the password you wish to use in the Confirm your NEW Password box.
    9. Click  Submit  to set the selected passwords.
    10. If the password change was successful, you will see a message indicating that your password was successfully changed. If there was a problem, review the error message carefully, and try again to reset the password. If you continue to have problems, please contact the IT Support Center.

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