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How to Map an IUP Network Drive from a Mac


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Connect to the Virtual Private Network using Mac OS X

These steps allow you to map the project directory (P drive) and the student home directory (H drive).

You must be logged on to the IUP network (from a residence hall, for example), connected to the IUP wireless network, or connected through the IUP Virtual Private Network (if you’re off campus) to be able to map a drive.

  1. After logging on to the Mac, from the Finder menu, select the Go menu.
  2. From the Go menu, select Connect to Server.
  3. In the Connect to Server dialog box, for the Server Address, enter the path to the desired drive using the table below:
    To map to the P drive, you would enter smb://$ for the server address. Be sure that you are using the forward slash — /.
  4. Select the Connect button.
  5. In the SMB/CIFS File System Authentication dialog box, enter IUPMSD for Workgroup or Domain. Enter your IUP network username for Name, and enter your IUP network password for Password, then click OK.

    If you are prompted only for username and password, enter your username in the format iupmsd\username. Note the direction of the slash in this instance. On some Mac operations systems, an icon for the mapped drive will appear on the desktop. To disconnect a drive, select the icon and drag it to the Trash.

Other Tips

  • To display the list of drives that have recently been mapped
    • Click the drop-down menu next to the clock icon
  • To clear the list of drives that have recently been mapped
    • Click the drop-down menu next to the clock icon, then choose Clear Recent Servers...
  • To add the server address to your Favorite Servers list
    • Click the plus sign
  • To remove a server address from the Favorite Servers list
    • Select the server address from the list, then click Remove

Last modified on 2/15/2016 7:16:43 PM