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How to Complete the Answer Key for Test Scoring


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The answer key is a general purpose answer sheet that contains the correct responses to the questions on the test or subtest. A minimum of one answer key is required for each exam to be scored. You will only need to provide multiple answer keys if you are scoring an exam with multiple versions.

The following data should be completed by faculty:

  • Last Name Section: Bubble in this section with something that will differentiate the answer key from the rest of the student general purpose answer sheets.  
  • Student ID Number Section: Bubble in the first column with the number 1, skip a space, and bubble in the next column(s) with the total number of questions on the exam. 

If you have multiple versions of an exam, you will use the Seat Number grid to link the students’ exams to the appropriate answer key. See How to Submit an Exam with Multiple Versions for Test Scoringfor additional information. 

Do not make any stray marks outside of boxed sections.  

Bubble in the correct responses. There are three options available when filing in the correct answers:

Single ResponseOne bubble filled in which is the only correct answer to the question. Any other answer or a blank is considered incorrect
Multiple ResponsesEach possible answer should be bubbled in. 
No ResponsesAll bubbles left blank for the question. This question will be omitted from the test and not be used in scoring.



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