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How to Submit an Exam with Multiple Responses for Test Scoring


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You can administer an exam with one or more questions that have multiple correct responses.

In addition, you can specify whether the students must match all correct responses (AND) or you can specify when the students must match only one correct response (OR). When using the OR option, students can only specify one answer. If a student fills in two answers, it will be scored as incorrect.

You cannot combine these two options on the same exam.

Administering the Exam

  • No special steps are needed to administer the exam, except in the way the questions are phrased. For example, if a question has two correct responses, you might phrase the question as:
    • Which two countries begin with the letter C?
      1. Canada
      2. Brazil
      3. Mexico
      4. Denmark
      5. Chile

Preparing the Exam for Scoring

  1. Complete one test header sheet.
  2. Complete one answer key.
  3. Complete the IUP Test Scoring Request Form/Envelope. Be sure to select the appropriate check box for multiple responses:
    • Not applicable
    • All responses on the answer key ( AND)
    • One of the responses on the answer key (OR)
  4. Place the forms in the envelope in this order:
    • Test Header
    • Answer Key
    • Students’ General Purpose Answer Sheets
  5. Seal the envelope and deliver to the IT Support Center.

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