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How to Submit an Exam with Multiple Point Values for Test Scoring


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When you have an exam processed by the test scoring system, you can assign all questions a point value of one, or you can assign different point values to different questions. This is sometimes called weighted scoring. You may use whole numbers only (1, 2, 3). You cannot use fractions or decimal values.

Please note that you will need only one answer key (unlike earlier versions of the test scoring system).

Administering the Exam

  1. No special steps are needed to administer the exam; however, you may wish to review the options on the Test Scoring Request Form for assigning point values. It’s easiest to group the questions together on the exam.

Preparing the Exam for Scoring

  1. Complete one test header sheet.
  2. Complete one answer key.
  3. Complete the IUP Test Scoring Request Form/Envelope. Be sure to select the appropriate check box for point values. You must use whole numbers. The options are:
    • All questions should use point value of ____­_ (must be a whole number, not a decimal)
    • Different point values should be used as follows:
      • Questions 1 through _____ should use point value of _____
      • Questions _____ through _____ should use point value of _____
      • Questions _____ through _____ should use point value of _____
      • Questions _____ through _____ should use point value of _____
  4. Place the forms in the envelope in this order:
    • Test Header
    • Answer Key
    • Students’ General Purpose Answer Sheets
  5. Seal the envelope and deliver to the IT Support Center.


If the exam has multiple versions, all questions must have the same point value. You can use any point value, but it must apply to all questions.

Last modified on 1/11/2016 1:57:56 PM