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Backing Up Test Scoring Results


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If you wish to keep a copy of your test scoring results for your own records, you will need to copy the files to another secure location on the network, such as your H drive. You should not copy these files to portable devices such as flash drives, CDs, or DVDs.

Exams results for a given term will be purged approximately 60 days after the first day of class of the following Fall or Spring term.

To backup your exam results, it’s best to copy the entire folder for a specific exam. Copying the entire folder (not just the folder contents) will prevent overwriting a file with the same name. You can also copy your entire folder (with your username) at the end of a semester, instead of individual exam folders.

To copy the folder, you will need to map the drive using the path as indicated, substituting your own username for USERNAME:

  • PC Users: \\\dispatch$\USERNAME  
  • Mac Users: smb://$/USERNAME 

See How to Map the Standard IUP Network Drives for information on mapping drives. If you are not on campus, you will need to make a connection to the virtual private network (VPN) before you can access the files. See Virtual Private Network for information on connecting to the VPN.

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