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    An internship or co-op is an educational plan which integrates classroom experience in industrial, business, government, or community-service work situations. It allows students to translate academic principles to action, to test career interests, and to develop skills and abilities through carefully planned and supervised programs related to the degree they are seeking.

    Close liaison between the university and the firm, institution, or agency providing the work experience is essential to a high-quality internship/co-op. The university will assume the responsibility of integrating this experience within the student s curriculum.

    What Are The Benefits Of An Internship?

    National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) statistics from the 2016 Internship and Co-Op Survey indicate:

    • Among responding employers, converting students who have taken part in an internship or co-op program into full-time employees is a primary goal for most programs. Currently, the average offer rate to interns is 72.7 percent, the highest it has been since the peak of the pre-recession market. The current average acceptance rate is 85.2 percent, which is above pre-recession levels. The overall conversion rate is 61.9 percent—that is a 13-year high.

    Gain the Real-World Experience that All Employers Seek.

    When employers are asked what they are looking for in a recent college graduate, they say that they want an individual with critical thinking skills, excellent written and oral communication skills, the ability to work in a team, and, above all else, real-world experience in their field. This skill set cannot be achieved by only spending time in the classroom and earning your degree.

    Volunteering and being engaged on campus through student organizations are great ways to develop personally and professionally, but the best resource available to you to gain the skills that employers covet most is to participate in internships. During an internship, you have the ability to engage in multiple projects and interact with everyone in the office, which enables you to diversify your experiences.

    Employers know that internships are designed to be learning experiences for students, so not only do you get to participate in multiple tasks, but you are given the hands-on training and feedback that empower you to leave your internship with the confidence to tackle any task at your next job.

    Promote Exposure to Various Fields. 

    A common mistake that students make is that they choose a major that feels like a good fit for them, work hard to earn a degree in that major, and then, when they enter the world of work, they realize that the field they chose is not what they thought it was, and they want to find a new career.

    One of the many great advantages that internships offer students is that it enables them to try on many different careers during their time as a student. If you are working with students who are currently undecided on their major, stuck between one or two different majors, or even if they are confident in the major that they have chosen, multiple internship experiences can give them the exposure they need to make the best and most informed decisions for their career development.


    Current internships* are posted on Handshake, a one-stop shop for students to prepare and launch their careers; and for companies, nonprofits, and organizations of all shapes and sizes to find, recruit, and hire IUP alumni. Handshake uses data to help students find jobs or internships that best match their interests.

    *Please Note:

    Students will need to ensure that they have completed the necessary paperwork through their academic department, and to ensure any credit-bearing internship and internship site has signed agreements with IUP.

    The Career and Professional Development Center assists in helping to prepare students for internship interviews, including polishing interview skills, writing a professional resume, etc. 


    Please post internships on Handshake. Please note that all internship sites must be approved prior to an IUP student being approved for the internship, and that site approval may take as long as 45 days or more. Internship agreements are coordinated through the IUP Office of Extended Studies.

    Internship Partners include:

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