22,003 members of the IUP family helped raise $81,359,941 for our students.  Thank you

Today's Students, Tomorrow's Leaders

“Because of the support of almost 21,000 donors giving more than 81 million dollars to the Imagine Unlimited Campaign—we have shattered that goal! We are here because people helped us along the way. We made a promise that if we had the means to help others in the future, we would. Together we will provide opportunities for IUP students and allow them to Imagine Unlimited Possibilities so they may go on to change the world.”

Bill and Audrey Madia

Campaign Priorities

Academic Excellence

artist rendering of the Kopchick science building

We've broken ground on the new home of the John J. and Char Kopchick College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics. Your participation will ensure our momentum grows stronger. Learn more

Access to deep and innovative academic experiences prepare future leaders to be ready for what they’ll face immediately after graduation and decades beyond. Knowledge and know how that students hone as part of their major coursework and the softs skills they pick up in liberal education classes—public speaking, critical thinking, cultural context, and effective writing and communication—ensure today’s students are ready for tomorrow’s challenges.

In addition to a new science complex, named for benefactors John Kopchick ’72, M’75 and Char Labay Kopchick ‘73 and that will support cross-disciplinary teaching, learning, and research in the rapidly changing science fields, campaign priorities include the following:

  • A new simulation patient theater to improve upon IUP’s current nursing simulation laboratories.
  • A modernized facility for the Academy of Culinary Arts, which will not only better accommodate IUP’s highly successful culinary program but also help to revitalize downtown Punxsutawney.
  • The interdisciplinary program in Public Health, which responds to the needs of the region in the face of the opioid crisis, childhood obesity epidemic, and continued generational poverty.

Student Success

three students sit smiling looking at laptops in the Cook Honors College study room

Cook Honors College: Your support will strengthen and sustain a community of scholars and future leaders. Join alumni and friends in support of the Cook Honors College Scholarship or Achievement Fund to raise $200,000 in honor of 20 years of CHC graduates.

When students succeed, they find meaning and purpose in their college experience through relevant connections, and they forge ahead to degree completion with definite goals for life after graduation.

IUP’s newest innovation, the University College, is providing students who are unsure of what major course of study to pursue, the option to enter as exploring students. They are guided by faculty members as they find the programs that match their passions and talents without losing time in their four-year journey. Other campaign priorities include the following:

  • Merit- and need-based scholarships that ensure undergraduate students can continue to study without incurring debt or may travel for internships and other enriching experiences.
  • Graduate fellowships and assistantships enable master’s and doctoral candidates to sustain their research and study as they earn the credentials that will serve our communities and workplaces.
  • Enhanced facilities and operational funding for IUP’s Athletics Department. Student-athletes not only represent IUP on a national level, they also perform admirably in the classroom and serve the community. The leadership and teamwork experience is life changing.

Diversity and Inclusion

imagine unlimited possibiltiies

“Imagination helped us get to where we are. But we can't rest now. There are more imaginations that need our guidance."

–Khatmeh Osseiran-Hanna,
Vice President University Advancement

IUP’s students, faculty and staff members come from rural regions, urban centers, and suburban communities. They differ in race, religion, sexual orientation, and socioeconomic background. All are welcome, and all learn from each other. Around 20 percent of IUP’s student body comprises students from underrepresented groups. IUP boasts the largest percentage of international students in the entire State System of Higher Education. What those two statistics bring to the region and to all the university’s students is the benefit of being exposed to different cultures that will create the best-prepared leaders of the future.

IUP’s diverse community provides students with the opportunity to develop an appreciation for what commonalities and differences between people might mean in their workplaces and communities. Campaign priorities to enhance diversity and inclusion efforts at IUP include the following:

  • Through the Multicultural Student Leadership and Engagement Center students have opportunities to hone their leadership skills as they participate in student organizations. More professional personnel, and enhanced programming budget, and the establishment of a diversity fellowship program will broaden IUP’s efforts and ensure that all of IUP’s efforts reach to best practices in creating a diverse and inclusive campus community.
  • IUP’s Office of International Education brings the world to IUP by easing the transition of visiting students from around the globe. It also manages international study abroad opportunities for IUP’s domestic students. Scholarships for both visiting students and traveling domestic students are a key to creating a global perspective on campus.

Our Volunteers, In Their Words

Tim and Deb Cejka

John and Char Kopchick

Bill and Audrey Madia

Terry Serafini

Tracy Settle

Bill and Judy Scheeren

In addition to thousands of alumni and friends who have supported IUP through the Imagine Unlimited Campaign, more than a hundred people have signified their confidence in IUP by serving as volunteers.

National Campaign Cabinet

Bonnie Harbison Anderson ’80

Richard Caruso ’83

Tim Cejka ’73

Debra Phillips Cejka ’73

Michael Driscoll

Terry Dunlap ’81

Char Labay Kopchick ’73

John Kopchick ’72, M’75

Audrey Delaquil Madia ’70

William Madia ’69, M’71

Timothy Moerland

Khatmeh Osseiran-Hanna

Judith Scheeren

William Scheeren ’68

Tracy Settle ’80

Dennis Stover ’76

Regina Dressel Stover ’75

Athletics Advancement Council

Robert Basehore Jr. ’71

Bernard Bruns ’68

Francis Condino

Owen Dougherty Jr. ’88

Patrick Imbrogno ’78

Larry Kubala ’80

Walter Lewis Jr. ’70

Barry Lippencott ’67

Sue McMurdy ’78

Lou Scerbo ’83

James Taylor ’86

Jeffrey Turnage ’95, M’96

Jackie Wiley ’69, M’77

Jim Wiley

Garry Wurm ’87

College Advancement Councils

Eberly College of Business and Information Technology

Lorna Milkovich Abernathy ’83

Steven Agnoli ’86

Nadav Baum ’86

Phillip Carrai ’83

Allen Childs ’81

Kevin Colosimo ’94

Patricia Davoren Darnley ’81

Elizabeth Gregg

Paul Miller ’74

Bryan Putt ’86

William Shipley ’75

Daniel Simoni ’94

William Wagner ’75

Patrick Wallace ’85

College of Education and Communications

Barbara Aiello ’68

Kevin Bailey ’86, M’90

Megan Baker ’96

Bonnie Curry Brose ’67

Donna McCrea Griffith ’74, M’77

Joseph Kovaleski

Mary Leisher Leipheimer ’66

Suzanne Lamm Lewis ’71

Jane Ramsey Logan ’63

Patti Shannahan Mazanek ’74, M’86

Pat Mazanek ’73, M’82

Judith Scheeren

William Scheeren ’68

Susan Giles Stonebraker ’68

College of Fine Arts

Gretchen Barbor M’85

Michael Bodolosky ’72, M’78

John Conrad ’58

William Double

Ian Gallanar ’87

Joshua Hillard ’01

Charles Olson ’74, M’76

G. Daniel Prushnok ’76

Ruth Riesenman ’64

John Ritter

Joyce Sharman

Elaine Tselepis Sheetz ’71

Kay Smith

Myron Tomb Jr. ’69

William Woodcock

College of Health and Human Services

Celeste Andreassi-Hutchens ’99, M’07

Linda Deabenderfer

James Dill ’77

Robert McCaughan

Randall McCauley

Edward Nardi D’96

Bruno Pino

Tracy Settle ’80

Jeffrey Shockey ’80

Michael Staub ’80

Mary Swinker

Mary Williams ’76

Harold Wingard

College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Sandra Koeppl Barsotti ’87

Charles Cashdollar ’65

George Chressanthis ’77

Blane Dessy ’73

Mileah Kromer ’03

Karl McDermott ’76

John McNulty ’75

Jennifer Swartz Quinlan ’07

Mark Stewart ’91

Robert Hurley ’83

John J. and Char Kopchick College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

Bonnie Harbison Anderson ’80

Tim Cejka ’73

John Gilly ’79

Cindy Jaynes ’79, M’82

Esther Massung Kepplinger

John Kopchick ’72, M’75

William Madia ’69, M’71

Daniel Markey ’77

Sue McMurdy ’78

Charles Neral ’80

Dianne Mittura Rothstein ’75

Scott Rudy III ’84

William Rusnack ’66

Elizabeth Latorre Travis ’65

Laura Wholey ’78

Leadership Society Advancement Council

Brian Cobaugh ’92

Aaron Douthit ’15

Ellen Kelsesky Hayes ’82

Timothy Hayes ’82

Jeffrey Hileman ’80

James Jozefowicz

Stephanie Jozefowicz

Barbara Bentrim Kubala ’68, M’73

Joshua Liss ’92

Dorothy Sullivan Love ’81

Aaron Ludwig ’07

Jeremy B Risinger ’16

Patricia Browwn Simkins ’55

Ronald Simkins ’58

Kenneth Sosnick ’03

Regional Advancement Councils

New York, New York

Lewis Brindle ’75

Richard Clark ’80

Susan Cosper ’92

William Dannecker ’61

Kathleen Kundar ’68

Almar Latour ’94

James Leda ’95

Jeffrey Moran ’89

Nils Paellmann M’87

Stephanie Perry ’88

Casey Ryan ’12

Andrew Sandberg ’06

Mary Turnbach ’83

Jarret Wasko ’14

Mauro Wolfe ’90

Tampa, Florida

Barbara A Aiello ’68

Ashley J Gurbal ’06

Larry J Hevner ’70

Patrick M Mullen ’79

Tracy L Settle ’80

Larry F Sobotka ’63

Joanne B Steiner

Thomas E Wallace ’80

Marlene D Woodson-Howard ’58

Barbara A Zdravecky ’74

Houston, Texas

Donald Baronitis ’76

Tim Cejka ’73 and Debra Phillips Cejka ’73

Dale Hosack ’81

Charles Keller ’74

Robert Kervin ’02

Nancy Sheridan Kralik ’74

Gregory Schockling ’81

Christa Ziegler Spears ’01

Jeffrey Swift ’75

Jill Trainor Swift ’75

Elizabeth Latorre Travis ’65

Indiana, Pennsylvania

Robin A. Gorman

Frank Kinter Jr.

Kim Lyttle ’72, M’74

Joseph Marcoline ’70, D’90

Donna Dickie Putt ’69

Wallace Putt ’69

Ellen Sylves Ruddock ’66

Michael Supinka

Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania

William Cooper

Beverly Fairman ’77

Joyce Ritenour Fairman ’76 M’84

J. Thomas Frantz ’73 D’00

David Osikowicz Jr.

Frank Roberts

Samuel Smith


The Story behind “The IUP Story”

Professor emeritus Charles Cashdollar’s “The IUP Story” will be published later this summer. In his more than 10 years of research and writing, Cashdollar found two predominant themes throughout IUP’s history: “consistent commitment to excellence” and “persistence in overcoming obstacles.”

IUP Alumni Create Scholarship in Honor of “Boardwalk Bowl” to Benefit Student-Athletes

IUP graduates Gerald Clark ’69 and his wife, Cheryl Dunlap Clark ’68, natives of Punxsutawney and current residents of DuBois since 1973, have made a $25,000 gift to establish the Jerry and Cheryl Clark Boardwalk Bowl Scholarship, one of a family of eight endowments to be established by members of IUP’s Boardwalk Bowl football team to benefit student-athletes in the football program.

Driscolls to Honor Distinguished University Professor with Gift to Support Jones White Writing Center

Michael Driscoll and Rebecca (Becky) Young Driscoll have made a $50,000 gift to Indiana University of Pennsylvania to support the Kathleen Jones White Writing Center at IUP and honor Distinguished University Professor Bennett Rafoth, director emeritus of the Jones White Writing Center.

Gift from Alumni Couple Helps Imagine Unlimited Campaign Exceed Goal

A gift from alumni Major General Rodney Ruddock (retired) and Ellen Ruddock, long-time residents of Indiana and both IUP Distinguished Alumni Award and President’s Medal of Distinction recipients, was part of a giving “rally” that helped IUP’s Imagine Unlimited comprehensive campaign end six months early and more than $6 million over goal.

IUP Breaks Fundraising Records With $81-Million Imagine Unlimited Comprehensive Campaign, Exceeds Goal, Ends Campaign Early

Imagine Unlimited? Indiana University of Pennsylvania doesn’t have to “imagine” anything: the success is real, and it’s here—six months early.

IUP Graduate Gifts $25,000 for Outstanding IUP Computer Science Students

For the past 15 years, the Barry Day Outstanding Computer Science Student Award has been given to a senior computer science student, selected by the department, who has demonstrated academic achievements and contributions to the department, or who has made significant achievements in computer science endeavors and contributions to mankind.