21st Century Innovation Will Be Driven by a New Type of Leader

  • A university that expects students to dream big, push boundaries, and think across disciplines must hold itself to the same standard.

    The challenges and opportunities we face as a nation and as a global society call for new thinking, different thinking. Today's students need to be challenged and supported. They need a college experience focused on real-world problem solving that teaches them the value of working in teams. What they need is what IUP does best.

    IUP has a long history of training students how to think and lead. It is one of only four public doctoral/research institutions in Pennsylvania, a distinction we hold dear. But what distinguishes the university is its longstanding commitment to faculty-student research partnerships of the highest order. IUP gives students hands-on experience that teaches them how to create and communicate. How to push their personal limits while staying grounded by the community around them.

    Those who know IUP know these strengths to be true. Now is the time to show the world the power of an IUP education.

    The IUP community is prepared to step forward as a national leader, distinguished by new thinking that cuts across traditional academic boundaries, by a devotion to providing outstanding first-generation students with an education that matches their potential, and by being intentional about the value of learning that happens outside the classroom.

    IUP is ready to rise to new heights, guided by leadership that sees no limits to its potential. The time is right. The opportunity is at hand.

    Join us in creating an environment in which students learn with no limits and become the world's next generation of leaders and problem solvers by supporting the Imagine Unlimited campaign for IUP.

  • President Driscoll and others on stage during the celebration

    IUP Announces Imagine Unlimited Campaign; Major Commitments Announced at Celebration

    During its annual Celebration of Philanthropy on Friday night, Indiana University of Pennsylvania announced it has increased its comprehensive fundraising campaign goal to $75 million at the same time it announced two multimillion-dollar gifts from alumni with local ties. Called Imagine Unlimited, the campaign originally was expected to reach $40 million, but according to campaign cochair William Madia, an IUP alumnus from Montara, Calif., the generosity of alumni and friends has exceeded expectations.