For Humanities and Social Sciences Students

Are you interested in studying abroad while at IUP?

Study Abroad

IUP has a number of faculty-led study abroad programs that can count towards your degree. Study abroad helps students gain experience in a foreign country and learn the culture (and language!) of a new place. It gives students a chance to see the world and experience new outlooks. Students who study abroad return home with a new perspective on the world that is very attractive to future employers.

More information about studying abroad in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences.

How about an internship?

Internship at Ft. NecessityMost departments in the College of Humanities and Social Science (CHSS) have a robust internship program. Internships allow students to engage in off-campus supervised work experience for credit.IUP students have worked in Harrisburg as aides to state legislators, with the Governor's Justice Commission, and the Pennsylvania Department of Justice. Others have worked in local museums, archives, and national parks, such asDavid Harkleroad Class of '10, history major, who works for the National Park Service at Fort Necessity National Battlefield and got the job through an internship organized by the History Department.

These students from the Department of Journalism and Public Relations recently interned with the Pittsburgh Penguins, Warner Music in Nashville, and FedScoop:

Penguins internship Warner Music internship Fed Scoop internship

In addition, students from our other departments have interned atregional correctional institutions, as on-site guides at the United Nations, as workers on an Israeli kibbutz, and as student aides for the Department of Education, Puerto Rico. Many students have worked with major political parties and candidates at the local, state, and county levels. Students have also worked in the Washington, D.C. offices of Pennsylvania congressmen and in many federal and international organizations in Washington, D.C.

For more information about internships, talk to the chairperson of your department/potential department. You can also visit IUP's Career Development's website on Internships.

Have you considered a departmental honors track?

Vernon Brundage Jr.These Honors tracks give students the chance to do advanced disciplinary study and independent research. Completion of the Department Honors Track is indicated on your official university transcript; students completing the departmental honors program are recognized at departmental commencement ceremonies. Students do not have to be in the Robert E. Cook Honors College to pursue these tracks. Graduating with honors set students apart and give them valuable intensive research and writing experience, mentored by an IUP faculty member.

Pictured right is Vernon Brundage Jr., Class of '09, who was an economics major. He is now an economist in the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Washington, D.C. He noted that participating in the Honors Track gave him valuable faculty mentoring that contributed to his success: "Professor James Jozefowicz saw enough potential in me to encourage me to participate in the Economics Honors Track."

More information about Honors Tracks in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences.

How about a pre-law track to help prepare you for law school?

Pre-Law in political science

If you're interested in going to law school, IUP has a variety of pre-law oriented minors to help you prepare.

More information about pre-law in CHSS.

Find out about new classes within CHSS as well as the degree requirements for our different departments and programs.

Happy Journalism grads

The faculty of the different departments and programs inthe College of Humanities and Social Sciences often create new classes to meet the needs of IUP's students.

Further, most of the departments in CHSS offer aBachelor of Arts degree, but there are some programs leading to a Bachelor of Science degree.

Explore links explaining the requirements of our various departments, the broader degree requirements for all majors, and information about IUP's language requirement.