Use and Scheduling of Public Space

Conceived as living-learning facilities, the Suites at IUP have been constructed with design features that intentionally promote and support student learning.

Whoever reserves space in the residence halls is responsible for any setup as needed. For custodial or maintenance setup, you can submit a work order. The university's food service contract requires that all food served on campus come from our dining partner. Please contact the IUP Dining Catering Department at 724-357-5709 to order food for your event.

Specifically, each of the eight suite-style buildings have public spaces of different sizes and configurations which include multipurpose, conference, and resource rooms, as well as study lounges. They provide students, faculty, and staff with the means to extend student learning beyond the classroom and into the residential domain, thereby helping to capture the true essence and spirit of a living and learning community.

The public spaces are separated from the residential portion of the Suites and are accessible to residents of the Suites, as well as to students who may not otherwise live there or in any other on-campus housing facility. These spaces are not considered "classrooms," and, therefore, are not part of the University Scheduling Center's inventory of available class space assigned to courses. The public spaces, however, can be used as meeting locations for the following:

  • Forums or seminars
  • Informal faculty and student discussions
  • Activities and meetings that enhance student interpersonal and multicultural awareness
  • Faculty advising
  • Supplemental instruction and tutorial activities
  • Study groups
  • Activities supported or sponsored by amenity space occupants
  • Peer mentoring activities
  • Exhibits, or displays (no physical performances)

Individuals intending to reserve public space in the Suites must complete the Suite Reservation Form for the correct building. The residence director or designee for the Suites will receive the form and will coordinate the scheduling of the requested space. The form should be received no later than one week prior to the intended event in order to allow sufficient time to process the request and communicate with all invested individuals.

In order to allow the best opportunity for a variety of events and organizations to utilize these spaces, reservations will be confirmed for no more than two consecutive weeks. Requests can be resubmitted periodically in order to seek ongoing access to space. The priority for space utilization will be granted in the order that requests are received. Should two or more requested dates/times overlap, every effort will be made to accommodate the request in an alternate location that is comparable to the one requested. At no time will a previously approved space request be "bumped" by a more recent request unless an equitable solution can be mutually agreed upon by all parties. Unless an exception is otherwise granted, rooms can be reserved for one specific type of event for no more than a three-hour block of time and for no more than three meetings in one calendar week (Sunday through Saturday.) Rooms will be available from 8:00 a.m. until 10:00 p.m. on weekdays and from 10:00 a.m. until 10:00 p.m. on weekends.

Requests for learning support space will be denied if it is determined in advance that the intended event has the potential to cause physical damage to the facilities or disruption to the residential community. It is understood that the individual(s) sponsoring the event will assume all supervisory responsibilities for the event and agree to incur the cost of damages or additional cleaning as a result of the event. Any additional expenses required to support an activity or event will be the sole responsibility of the sponsor.

The Federal Copyright Act (Title 17, United States Code, Public Law, 94-553, 90 Stat. 2541) governs how copyrighted materials, such as movies, may be utilized publicly. Neither the rental nor the purchase or lending of a DVD or Blu-Ray carries with it the right to exhibit such a movie publicly outside the home. Title 17, Section 101 of the US Code outlines that showing a work publicly means "to perform or display it at a place open to the public or at any place where a substantial number of persons outside of a normal circle of a family and its social acquaintances is gathered." Showing a movie in a residential living space lobby, lounge, or hallway would be considered a public performance and requires a license to be legal.

Below is a list of spaces in the housing suite buildings that can be reserved by faculty, staff, and students for events, with information about the equipment and furniture in each room.


  • Multimedia equipment includes:
    • Ceiling-mounted projector
    • Multimedia station with
      • Computer with internet capability
      • DVD/VHS player
      • Document camera
      • Hookup for laptop (VGA and audio)
  • Anyone with an IUP login can sign in to 25Live and request a reservation. You can choose Housing Locations and hover over the room to see details.

List of buildings and their rooms available for reservations:

Putt Hall

  • G43 Multipurpose Room
    • Multimedia equipment
    • Fifteen tables and 40 chairs
    • Lectern
  • 103 conference room
    • Five tables and 20 chairs
  • Study lounge (201, 301, and 401)
    • Six tables and 24 chairs
    • Room 201 also has a 47-inch television for collaborative work

Delaney Hall

  • Study lounge (125, 225, 325 English Resource Room)
    • Four tables and 16 chairs
    • Room 225 also has a sofa
    • Room 125 also has a 47-inch television for collaborative work
  • Resource Rooms
    • 327 Women's Studies Resource Room

Northern Suites

  • 116 Multipurpose Room
    • Multimedia equipment
    • Fifteen tables and 45 chairs
    • Lectern
    • Dry erase board
  • Resource Room (202, 302 Science Room, and 402 Human Anatomy and Psychology Room)
    • One table and five chairs
    • Room 202 also has a 47-inch television for collaborative work
  • 204 Study Lounge (204, 304, and 404)
    • Five tables and 20 chairs
  • Study Room (203, 206 Collaborative Learning Space, 306 Math and Computer Technology Room, and 406 Space Room)
    • Two tables and eight chairs

Suites on Maple East

  • Resource Room (202, 302, and 402 Mindfulness Room)
    • One table and five chairs
    • Room 402 is the Mindfulness room. It contains:
      • 47-inch television for collaborative work
      • computer
      • sound system with six headphone sets
      • mp3/cd/radio (am/fm)
      • yoga equipment
  • Study lounge (206, 306 Health and Wellness Room, and 406) and study rooms (203, 303, and 403)
    • Two tables and eight chairs

Ruddock Hall

  • G12 Multipurpose Room
    • Multimedia equipment
    • Eighteen tables and 50 chairs
    • Lectern
  • Resource Room (302 and 402 Mindfulness Room)
    • One table and four chairs
  • Study Lounge (204 and 304)
    • Five tables and 18 chairs
  • Study Room (206 and 406)
    • Two tables and eight chairs

    Wallwork Hall

    • G98 Multipurpose Room - G98 Wallwork is currently unavailable for reservations.
      • Multimedia equipment
        • Also includes teleconferencing abilities
      • Room for 100 with tables, 150 without tables
      • Lectern
    • Study room
    • 203, 387: Three tables, 12 chairs
    • 104, 204, 286, 304, 386: One table, four chairs
    • 303: Six tables, 24 chairs
    • Resource room (203A, 387A)
      • Four tables and 10 chairs
    • Lounge (rooms in bold will be used for transitional or break housing, so will not always be available for reservations).
      • G51: Two tables, eight chairs, 47-inch television for collaborative work
      • 149, 249, 349: Two tables, eight chairs
      • 151, 251, 351: One table, six chairs

    Suites on Pratt

    • G13 Multipurpose Room
      • Multimedia equipment
      • Fifteen tables and 40 chairs
      • Lectern
    • Study Room
      • 204, 304: Five tables, 20 chairs
      • 206: Two tables, eight chairs, 47-inch television for collaborative work
      • 306: Two tables, eight chairs
    • Resource Room (202, 302)
      • One table and five chairs

    Stephenson Hall

    • G-41 Multipurpose Room: 118 chairs
      • Multimedia equipment
      • Lectern
    • Resource Rooms
      • 252, 352, 453: Two tables, 12 chairs
    • Study lounge
      • 202, 302: Eight tables, 32 chairs
      • 402: Seven tables, 28 chairs, 47-inch television for collaborative work