You Might Be a CHC Alumnus or Alumna If... find yourself arguing with your GRE prep book over an antonym question because you’re sure those Kaplan “experts” got it wrong.’ve ever run one of the following out of your dorm room: departmental majors group, music pirating biz, or the Western Pennsylvania student chapter of Amnesty International. studied abroad in Bangladesh because you wanted to be the first Cook Honors College student to go there.’ve written an essay answer on a multiple-choice test. stumble across old Core journals and wonder how you ever managed to sound that smart after those midnight Papa John specials, 2:00 a.m. Sheetz runs, and all-night D&D tournaments. ever had a pet fish or played on an intramural sports team named after Bob Cook. wrote a glowing review of Asking the Right Questions on compulsively decorate your apartment with Klimt paintings. know the name of King Arthur’s spear. send Dr. Goebel an e-mail at 4:00 a.m. and expect an instantaneous reply. feel you are entitled to a fifty-dozen batch of pancakes at midnight every time you write a big paper. don’t understand why you have to pay to read the New York Times. ever called your parents at 3:00 a.m. crying because you couldn’t find any fallacies and you are sure it is their fault for passing along some genetic condition that prevents you from finding fallacies.’ve sung all 27,000 verses to “O’ Christmas Tree” in English and German at Dr. Goebel’s Christmas Party.

...your boss asks you to do a presentation and you immediately begin looking for your costume trunk and stage makeup. still have your copy of ARQ, but all the pages are blood and/or tear stained.’re still living the Third South lifestyle. believe every new class has a different personality and the admissions committee only got it right with your class. were disappointed to find that in the real world, nobody can/will edit like your core class could.’ve ever concluded an interoffice memo with “what, therefore, should we do?” have a subconscious urge to put on a coat when you smell burning popcorn. absentmindedly throw dishes in the sink expecting that Betty, Cindy, or Lisa will wash them.’ve ever balanced the need for social order with the need for two red bulls, a pack of newport lights, and a Sheetz dog.

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