Writing for Core

What is required is not creative writing. The goal of the writing component in HC 101 is to teach you to improve your expository writing and critical thinking so that you can write well in your other college courses, including future English courses.

Writing requires a thinking process. Most of the problems students have with college writing are not matters of grammar and punctuation, but are matters of learning how to think critically, how to generate ideas, to organize, and to support those ideas with concrete, specific evidence. Your own experiences are important in thinking and writing, but most college writing involves relating your experiences and thinking to the important ideas of others. In this course, reading and thinking about other people’s ideas is part of the course. Responding in both an affective (meaning “in the realm of the emotions”) and a disciplined, critical way to the important ideas of what we read is part of the writing process.

Revising and learning to edit are a major part of the writing process, even for experienced professionals. You will have a chance to revise the paper after it has been peer edited and read by your unit professor. The final paper grade will be based on your final revision. Individual conferences with professors contribute to student growth as writers. In addition to two scheduled conferences per semester, we invite you to come in any time you need help. Unit papers are only one of the ways in which writing is incorporated into the core courses. Writing instruction, pre-writing activities, journals, critical-reading exercises (including problem solving, some of it collaborative), group work, and conferences with faculty will be part of each unit.

Another Source of Help is the Writing Center. Check the signs around campus for Fall hours. You will save time in doing the work for this course if you do it on your word processor. If you do not already know how to use one, the Writing Center staff will be happy to teach you at your convenience. The Writing Center also offers tutoring. This service and the use of the computers are provided by your student fees. You do not have to have a writing problem to benefit from advanced help in organizing, documenting, revising your thesis, etc.

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