Recent Events

Thanks to Melissa Yates and Anna Johnson (2008), who organized a gathering for CHC alumni in Washington, D.C., on June 25 to keep us in touch and help raise money for the Achievement Fund during the Cook 5 to 1 match.

Not pictured: Brieta Dougherty-Brill (2003), Angelo Mazzamuto (2002), Carlos Melendez (2002), and Bob Viegas (2003).

Kurtzman, Halbedl, Ziman 
Colleen Kurtzman (2008), Laura Halbedl (2008) Brian Ziman (2000)

Kurt Couchman and Micah Savidge (2003 – they were freshman roommates) with Dr. Janet Goebel, CHC Director

Eric Black (2005) and Nick Parrish (2010)

Lauren McDermott, Jaci Rodgers Dickerson, Anna Johnson (2008)

Gary Clark (2009), Lauren McDermott, Jaci Rodgers Dickerson, Anna Johnson, Melissa Yates (2008)

Kevin, Steph, Dara, Nick
Kevin Berezansky, CHC Associate Director, Stephanie Bearjar and Dara Fennell (present students interning in DC), Nick Parrish (2010)