Honors College Students and the Thesis Experience

Cook Honors College students are encouraged, but not required, to write a thesis. This recognizes that, although an honors thesis is an excellent culminating experience, it is not equally appropriate for all majors or career paths. Students who complete an honors thesis have this distinction recognized in the Honors College graduation program. Should students approach you about the appropriateness of a thesis in your discipline, you might discuss with them some of the questions and issues found under "Should I Do a Thesis?" in the main section of this guide.

Note: The university also has departmental honors programs for which students (whether in the Honors College or not) are eligible based on guidelines set by the departments. Because many of these departmental programs include an honors thesis, Honors College students seeking departmental honors recognition as well as graduation from the Cook Honors College may indeed have a thesis requirement. If so, the thesis will also count toward the student's elective honors requirements in the Honors College. This guide relates specifically to Cook Honors College students; however, much of it may also be helpful to other IUP students and faculty directors who are engaged in undergraduate theses under the auspices of a departmental honors program.

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