Selected Titles of Recent Honors College Theses

Baran, Beth. "The Animal Unleashed: An Examination of Hysteria and Its History." Director: Prof. Mary Lou Zanich, Psychology.

Bloomfield, Amber. "The Relationship of Meta-Perception Complexity and Self-Consciousness to Self-Complexity." Director: Prof. Donald Robertson, Psychology.

Earlen, Jennifer. "Biomedical Ethics." Director: Prof. Sherrill Begres, Philosophy.

Geffers, Brenna. "Directing a fully mounted production of Equus." Director: Prof. Malcolm Bowes, Theater.

Getgen, Bethany. "Bodily Postures and Emotion during Religious Ritual." Director: Prof. Mary Lou Zanich, Psychology.

Gildea, Josh. "Sexism and Sexually Explicit Media Portrayals," Director: Prof. Lloyd Stires, Psychology.

Mihalacki, Steven. "Determinants of Individual Military Enlistment Decisions." Director: Prof. James Jozefowicz, Economics.

Mraz, Rose. "The Dangers of Ideology: Utopian and Fascist Thought." Director: Prof. John Sitton, Political Science.

Nowak, Dan. "Extreme Nationalism, Extreme Consequences: Milosevic, the Serbs, and Kosovo." Director: Prof. Sharon Franklin-Rahkonen, History.

Patel, Jimit. "The Role of Calcineurin in Calcium-Regulated Exocytosis in Tetrahymena Themophilia." Director: Prof. Robert Hinrichsen, Biology.

Phan, Carolyn. "Racial and Ethnic Self-Concepts." Director: Prof. Catherine Raeff, Psychology.

Reppy, Jeremy. "German East Africa in the Rechenberg Era, 1906-1911: Period of Change or Failed Vision?" Director: Prof. Michele Wagner, History.

Ridge, Kristen. "The Effects of Fire on Steam Configuration." Director: Prof. Marc Hendrix, University of Montana.

Sadauckas, Matthew. "Semantic Similarity and State-Space Representations." Director: Prof. Dan Boone, Philosophy.

Shafran, Erica. "The Fight for Survival of Pennsylvania German: English Claims Another Language." Director: Prof. Michael M. Williamson, English.

Sheftel, Ludmilla. "The Effects of Day Trading on Financial Market Volatility." Director: Prof. Robert Boldin, Finance.

Sherman, Christine. "Disenfranchised Grief Due to Psychosocial Loss Caused by Mental Illness." Director: Prof. Gordon Thornton, Psychology.

Shertz, Trinity. "Active Versus Passive Parent Education Training in Parents of Head Start Children." Director: Prof. Kimberely Husenits, Psychology.

Snyder, Andrew. "A Window of Solidarity in Steel: McKees Rocks, 1909." Director: Prof. Gary Bailey, History