Majors in History

History students researching documents

Make the past your path to a successful future

Studying history is about making choices. You can't study all of history in four years, but you can build a strong historical foundation and focus on the direction you like most.

Our history tracks prepare you to teach, enter government service, pursue a legal career, work in museums and historical organizations, or go on to graduate studies. Your degree can also open doors to opportunities in journalism, business, or archival work for museums and historical societies.

Take full advantage of our internship program and get hands-on experience that builds up your credentials.

BA in History

  • Develop the critical thinking, analytical and communication skills that are essential when examining and interpreting history.
  • Take foundational courses in Western Civilization, American history, Middle East history, East Asian history, and Latin American history.
  • Follow your historical passion by choosing to study histories of Russia, the Roman Empire, Islamic civilization, the Middle East, China, Japan, and Latin America.
  • Minor in Asian studies, Latin American Studies, Pan-African Studies, or Women's Studies.

BA in History/Pre-Law

  • Develop the critical thinking, analytical and communication skills that will be essential if you are to have a successful law career.
  • Take foundational courses in Western Civilization, American history, Middle East history, East Asian history, and Latin American history.
  • Complete your pre-law interdisciplinary minor by taking courses in business, criminology, economics, English, philosophy, and political science.

History Honors Program

Designed to enrich the undergraduate education of qualified history majors, and of particular value to majors seeking admission to graduate or professional schools.

  • Open by departmental permission to declared history majors with a minimum 3.25 cumulative GPA and a 3.5 GPA in history courses.
  • File a declaration of intent during the sophomore year; a formal application for admission must be made, normally early in the junior year.
  • Honors theses are completed individually under the direction of a department professor who specializes in the student's area of interest and are approved by a thesis committee comprising the director and two other readers, one of whom may come from outside the History Department.

BSEd in Social Studies Education/History Track

  • Prepare to become a secondary school social studies and history teacher. This track leads to teaching certification for Pennsylvania junior and senior high schools.
  • Take foundational courses in Western Civilization and United States history.
  • Choose to study a broad range of electives that include Colonial America, Medieval Europe, the Roman Empire, Ancient Greece, Pan-African, Early China, the Civil War, Russia, and the Middle East.
  • Gain hands-on experience and take part in our extensive student teaching program.

History Minor

  • Give your resume an edge by adding a history minor to majors like Political Science, Economics, Anthropology, Asian Studies, English, Journalism, Criminology, Interior Design, Fine Arts, International Business, and Communications.
  • Study your favorite times and topics in history in this very flexible program.

Certificate in Public History

  • As a historian, you can help the public understand the people, places, and events that made an impact on our history, bringing the past to life.
  • This 18-credit program will prepare you to present historical information in a way that inspires public interest.
  • A three-credit internship can be included in this certificate program.

Certificate in Digital History

  • Digital History encompasses many different areas of research and expression (research projects, traditional publications, blogs, social media, and classroom activities).
  • It typically refers to historians who use digital technologies in creating, enhancing, or distributing historical research and scholarship to the public.
  • The Certificate in Digital History gives your resume a competitive advantage in the job market.
  • Build expertise that will be valuable in many professional positions.