History, Social Studies Education, BSEd

Anastasia Clayton presenting PASSION FOR TEACHING—I love history, especially American and African history. I have always wanted to teach, and I figured why not teach something I am incredibly passionate about? I want to inspire and educate students about the importance and relevance of history." Anastasia Clayton, Social Science Education/History Track

Share your love of history with the next generation

Those who love history are inspired by learning about the triumphs of ancient civilizations or the struggles of our country's founding fathers. Some see history as a journal kept by humanity over centuries. In the BSEd in social studies education/history track, you'll satisfy your intellectual curiosity about the past while preparing to be a future educator.

Choose to study a broad range of electives that include colonial America, medieval Europe, the Roman Empire, ancient Greece, Pan-African, early China, the Civil War, Russia, and the Middle East. You'll take foundational courses in Western Civilization and United States history. You'll also take courses in the field of education as well as in geography and economics.

The BSEd in social studies education/history track leads to teaching certification for Pennsylvania junior and senior high schools. As a teacher, you will have the opportunity to share your interest in history with the next generation. You'll help your students understand how people have faced challenges, formed civilizations, and brought about monumental change in the world.

Add a minor or teach abroad to enhance your learning

Students may be interested in adding a minor in Asian Studies, Latin American Studies, or Pan-African Studies. There is an international student teaching option available to give students a chance to spend a half-semester teaching in another country. IUP students can also participate in an archaeology project overseas in Cyprus.