Graduate Programs in History

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    COLLABORATION AND SPECIALIZATION You’ll enjoy the spirit of collaboration in the History Department, sharing ideas with your professors and fellow graduate students, while beginning to specialize in topics that interest you.

    History Careers Advance with the Digital Age

    Comprehensive coursework and internships combine to prepare you for a wide selection of employment possibilities in the public sector, including digital and archival work. Our master's program is also designed for students who wish to continue graduate studies and seek a doctoral degree.

    Courses mix conventional classroom instruction with research projects constructed to improve your marketable skills. Although the broad areas of industry, business, and government services are your most likely destinations, the career field is growing and includes banks and financial firms. As the reach of history lengthens, new opportunities emerge.

    MA in Public History

    The term public history refers to the many ways history is applied in the public sector. As gatekeepers of our heritage, public historians are essential to preserving and presenting the past for the public good. Graduates of this program find employment in museums, archives, government agencies, and historical societies, to name just a few. A new frontier for historians has developed around digital media projects that may include preservation and oral history programs. Some of our graduates now work for corporations or have created opportunities as independent contractors.

    The IUP Difference

    Unique Public History Track. We are that rare university that offers a master's degree in Public History. We're proud to provide training in a field that is growing due to the increased need for both digital and traditional historians.

    The IUP Faculty. Our faculty includes two editors of the Chinese Historical Review, a winner of the Rome Prize in Modern Italian Studies, a Fulbright Grant recipient, numerous published authors, and an appointee to the Cyprus American Archaeological Research Institute.

    Graduate Internships. Diversity of experience enriches education. We know how important internships can be to a student's education. The History Department is dedicated to finding the best off-campus experiences available. Some recent internship placements include: Mt. Vernon (George Washington Estate), the National Parks Service, the United States Memorial Holocaust Museum, the Pennsylvania State Archives, Old Economy Village, and the National Archives and Records Administration.

    State-of-the-Art Labs. The Irwin Marcus Public History Room is designed to provide students with hands-on training using the latest software and equipment in the fields of Public History, Oral History, and Digital History. It also allows history majors the opportunity to work with historical documents, artifacts, and archival materials as they learn how to curate historical collections.

    Meet the Program Coordinator

    Dr. Jeanine Mazak-Kahne
    304-E Humanities and Social Sciences Building
    Phone: 724-357-2436