Message from the Dean

  • Mary WilliamsMary E. Williams, PhD, Dean      

    Welcome to the College of Health and Human Services website. 

    As dean for the college, I extend a warm and sincere welcome from the Dean’s Office staff, from each of our department chairpersons, and from IUP administration.

    If you have declared a major in our college, congratulations on a wise choice. You have the opportunity to engage in a rich quality education from faculty who have expertise not only in their discipline, but as educators. Our college faculty have high academic and behavioral expectations for you, but also recognize that good teaching and role modeling are important factors in your success. Your commitment to learning and being successful is also essential, so please become familiar with all of the support systems that our college and IUP offers to assist in reaching your goals. We value, appreciate, and continuously foster the student-centered philosophy of our college staff and IUP administration.

    If you have not yet selected a major, consider that we are the largest college at IUP and offer many programs with high employment rates after graduation. The College of Health and Human Services comprises eight departments that offer academic credit and two programs that are clock-hour based.

    You may wish to peruse the websites for any one of the following departments that offer undergraduate degrees: Criminology and Criminal Justice Studies, Food and Nutrition, Hospitality Management, Human Development, Fashion, and Interior Design, Kinesiology, Health, and Sport Science, Nursing and Allied Health Professions, Public Health, and Safety Sciences. Master’s degree programs are offered in several departments, and three departments offer doctoral programs. 

    Our clock-hour programs include the Academy of Culinary Arts and Clinical Medical Assistant, both housed at the Punxsutawney campus, and the Criminal Justice Training Center and Center for Emergency Services Training, both housed near the Indiana campus. If interested, please visit the respective website.

    If you have declared a major that is not in our college, but have an interest in one of our majors, please inquire, because we offer several minors that would enhance your educational experience, or you may wish to declare a primary and secondary major. Your academic advisor should be the first resource for information, but know that any of our department chairpersons would welcome a meeting to discuss a minor or secondary major.

    We are pleased that you chose or are considering IUP as your destination of choice for a college education. IUP attracts quality faculty, excellent domestic and international students, and quality staff. You will find IUP to be a home away from home and a place that will stay in your heart long after you graduate.

    I am proud to be an IUP graduate, many years before I was hired as a faculty member. Firsthand, I can attest to the commitment to excellence that is shared at every level of the organization. IUP offers an education of distinction, at an affordable cost, in an environment that fosters student success.

    Welcome to the College of Health and Human Services and the IUP community!