Undergraduate Programs in Interior Design

Interior design students

Transform Interior Spaces and Improve Quality of Life

More than creating an aesthetically pleasing space, more than determining the color scheme, interior design is the complex process that provides solutions for interior spaces. Interior designers are involved in almost every aspect of building or creating spaces, drawing on their experience and knowledge about health and safety codes, function and style, math, environmental psychology, product design, and decoration.

Why Interior Design?

People live and work in spaces, and how these spaces are designed affects the way they interact with each other and their environments. Good interior design can create a sense of organization and ample room in a tiny apartment; a poorly designed office can lower company morale.

The World Needs Interior Design Majors

There is a greater awareness of the impact that interior spaces have on people's lives. Greater emphasis is also being placed on environmentally sustainable designs. Whether dealing with homes, office spaces, museums, or healthcare environments, we need creative designers who can make a difference.

Expected Outcomes With a Degree in Interior Design

Interior design at IUP encompasses science, art, technology, and business. You'll immerse yourself in all aspects of this disciplinespace planning, drafting, color and lighting, historic and modern design development, residential kitchen and bath design, commercial design, and professional practices. You'll analyze and synthesize various design approaches and solutions to create innovative and functional spaces. You'll also develop the skills you need to communicate your ideas to your future clients.

Within the curriculum, you will be exposed to the importance of universal design, sustainable design, and global design awareness. Out-of-classroom experiences include tours of showrooms, new construction sites, professional trade-shows, museums, and much more. As well, international study and internships are available to enhance the learning experience.

The IUP Difference

The only state program in Pennsylvania for interior design. Don't go deep into debt. If you're a Pennsylvania resident, take full advantage of the great value we offer you.

Student Organizations. Membership in one or both of the professional student organizations provides you with the opportunity to participate in a variety of learning experiences and programs that complement your academic training, Both the American Society of Interior Designers student chapter and the International Interior Design Association campus center organize occasions for networking, professional presentations, philanthropic endeavors, and social activities.

The IUP faculty. Our faculty members bring a mix of different residential and commercial experiences along with a commitment to research and scholarship. They take an active role in helping students determine and follow through on their goals. They require that all students have regular face-to-face meetings with their advisors.

State-of-the-art computer lab. Much of today's design is done on the computer using sophisticated CAD programs. Our computer lab with its 30 terminals is up to date with the latest equipment, which includes two new plotters and software such as AutoCAD, Revit, and the Adobe suite.