Majors in Family and Consumer Sciences

Student helping another student set up a sewing machine

Empower Parents and Children to Succeed in Family Life

Enable and empower individuals to achieve optimal quality of life. That's what you'll learn to do when you undertake the coursework in Family and Consumer Sciences Education. Success in family relations and consumer economics can be learned like any other skill. You are the bridge to a more prosperous and fulfilling tomorrow.

BSEd in Family and Consumer Sciences Education

  • Understand the importance of diet, food preparation, and nutrition in planning for children and families.
  • Master the underpinnings of childhood development so you can instruct parents.
  • Bring a personal touch to topics such as interior design and children's clothing fashions.
  • Become a messenger of sound economic and consumer habits so that families remain financially stable.
  • Enhance your audience's grasp of healthy family relations by sharing the challenges that most individuals face as they grow.