Family and Consumer Sciences FAQ

Are there any student groups that I can join related to this major?

The IUP Family and Consumer Sciences Education Student Association is a very active service club for majors and other interested students.The club enables students to become involved in community service projects, fundraising for service organizations, and educational field trips.

Is the Family and Consumer Sciences Education Program accredited?
Will I get to actually have experiences in the public schools before I student teach?

Yes, theFamily and Consumer Sciences Education program is well known for its opportunities to practice "hands-on" learning. You participate in two early field experiences before your final semester of supervised teaching experience in public schools. You will be able to take advantage of a full range of activities offered in culturally and economically diverse urban and rural settings.

What can I do with this major when I graduate?

Upon completion of the bachelor's degree program, you'll be able to be certified to teach Family and Consumer Education in grades K-12. Most graduates teach at the middle and high school levels, since the demand for teachers in this field currently exceeds the supply. The Pennsylvania teaching certificate easily transfers to most states. Graduates are heavily recruited by many states, including New Jersey, Virginia, and Maryland.

Other career options include writing Family and Consumer Education textbooks, working in county or state extension positions, or serving as specialized consultants to state departments of education.

Family and consumer science teachers at the middle and high school level instruct students about:

  • Nutrition and food preparation
  • Interpersonal relationships
  • Human development
  • Child care and parenting
  • Family relationships
  • Textiles and apparel construction
  • Home environments
  • Financial management
  • Consumer purchasing
  • Resource management
Is there still a need for Family and Consumer Sciences teachers?