About Our Family and Consumer Sciences Faculty

Family and Consumer Sciences Education professor helping a student teach a class Professor Sally McCombie has been recognized with multiple teaching awards, including Teacher Educator of the Year in 2009 by the American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences and the Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America Distinguished Service Award in 2011. She has published in the Journal of Family and Consumer Sciences and Techniques.

Content Creators Hold Center Stage During Classroom Instruction

All family and consumer sciences education faculty members enter your classroom with experience as public school instructors and education content creators. Their diverse backgrounds mean you have the opportunity to engage with professors whose expertise spans a wealth of knowledge and practical skills.

  • Individual advising is the hallmark of faculty involvement with your academic and career choices.
  • Faculty members have earned doctoral degrees and provide excellent guidance if a career in academia is your goal.
  • A large cast of experienced professors means the classroom stage is set for wide-ranging insights about teaching adults and public school students.
  • Before you begin student teaching in your senior year, your professors will have prepared you for the theoretical and real-world dimensions of educating young people.