The IUP Haven Project wishes to extend thanks to Janet Blood, Fashion Merchandising program coordinator; Theresa McDevitt, IUP Libraries; and the many survivors of sexual assault who trusted us with their stories, for their help in making the “What Were You Wearing?” exhibit possible. Our partnerships with the IUP community are crucial to Haven Project's mission.

Professor Blood writes:

“The IUP Fashion Association and Fashion Merchandising program is proud of its association with the Haven Project's ‘What Were You Wearing?' exhibit and campaign. As a field of study, it's important for others to recognize the integral role clothing and textiles plays in our daily lives beyond the stereotypes related to fashion. Blaming an individual for an assault based on what they happened to be wearing at the time is inexcusable, and is a myth that must be dispelled. We hope that our exhibit reveals this fact and sexual assault victims feel supported by the IUP community.”

WWYW 2021The exhibit was on display in Stapleton Library for one week beginning on April 12, 2021. If you were unable to attend, you still have an opportunity to experience it on the Haven Project website.

If you or someone you know has been a victim of sexual assault, there are resources available to offer support. You are not alone.

  • The Alice Paul House* (24/7 hotline) - 724-349-4444
  • The Haven Project - 724-357-3947
  • The Counseling Center* - 724-357-2621
  • University Police - 724-357-2141
  • The Office of Student Support and Community Standards - 724-357-1264
  • Title IX Coordinator - 724-357-3402
  • LGBTQIA Support - 724-357-2598

*confidential resources