Information about Sexual Violence

  • Not sure if you have all the correct information regarding sexual violence? Check out the following links: 

    Domestic/Dating Violence
    Learn the facts about domestic/dating violence.
    How To Help A Friend
    Find out how you can help someone you know who has been a victim of rape or sexual abuse.
    Sexual Assault
    Learn the facts about sexual assault.
    Learn the facts about stalking.
    Male Survivors
    Find out more about male victimization.
    Reporting a Crime
    Learn how to file a complaint.
    If You Experience Violence
    Find out what to do if you experience violence.
    LGBT Survivors
    Violence can happen to anyone regardless of sexual orientation and gender identity. Learn more about how violence impacts the LGBT community.
    Risk Reduction and Violence Prevention
    Although the perpetrator is the only person responsible for violence, we can all take steps to reduce and prevent violence. 

    Last updated on January 29, 2015