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IUP artmark

Graphic Identity Standards

  • The graphic-identity standards for IUP establish a consistent framework for presenting the university’s visual identity in printed publications, advertisements, websites, and other media. Campuswide compliance with these standards strengthens the university and its public perception and benefits all component departments, offices, and programs.

    The graphic-identity standards are administered and periodically updated by the Communications and Marketing Office within the Division of Enrollment Management and Communications. For questions regarding any of these standards, or for additional information regarding the application of the IUP graphic identity and for advice on and approvals for the use of IUP’s logos and identifiers in noncommercial purposes, please contact:

    IUP Art Director
    Office of Communications and Marketing
    Sutton Hall, Room 320
    1011 South Drive, Indiana PA 15705

    For obtaining a license for use of university trademarks by external organizations for commercial purposes, please contact:

    IUP Licensing Agent
    Student Cooperative Association

    All of Indiana University of Pennsylvania’s trademarks, service marks, logos and identifiers are owned by Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

  • Elements of the Identity
    Detailed information about the IUP Seal, IUP Logo, Wave Artmark, IUP Nameplate, Soaring Hawk Artmark, IUP Wave Design Theme, Typography, Colors, and more.
    Applications of the Identity
    IUP’s graphic identity system provides a bold, new look to IUP’s stationery suite, including stationery, envelopes, business cards, etc.
    Circular Merchandising Mark
    With special permission, this mark may be used for merchandise. It is not appropriate for traditional communications pieces, such as advertisements, brochures, webpages, or stationery.
    Athletics Logos
    The IUP primary athletics logo and its family of supporting logos were introduced in 2007 to establish a separate identity for the university’s athletics teams.
    Out of Circulation
    Older designs and identifiers have been withdrawn from circulation and should not be used.
    Take advantage of our stock materials, including fact sheets you might need to impress VIPs and templates you can use to create your own promotional printed pieces or PowerPoint presentations.
    Trademark Information
    All of Indiana University of Pennsylvania’s trademarks, service marks, logos, and identifiers are owned by Indiana University of Pennsylvania.