Geospatial Intelligence Analysis, Undergraduate Certificate

Nasa image using geospatial techniques

Prepare for Geospatial Careers in Federal Intelligence Agencies

Become well qualified for a career in federal intelligence for agencies such as the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency (NGA) and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), along with private sector contractors, through this comprehensive certificate program in geospatial intelligence.

With this certificate, you can build a career as an analyst who assists policy makers in critical decisions, informs those in federal intelligence agencies, contributes to critical military operations, and aids first responders in emergencies.

Be Well Qualified Through a Program that Meets USGIF Standards

The processes you will learn and apply throughout this program will meet intelligence tradecraft standards and will meet the United States Geospatial Intelligence Foundation requirements for accreditation. The 21-credit Geospatial Intelligence Undergraduate Certificate program is accredited by the United States Geospatial Intelligence Foundation (USGIF).

You will get the background employers want as you study spatial data acquisition, processing, analysis, and reporting in a way that meets geospatial intelligence tradecraft protocols.

Assessing and Analyzing Imagery Intelligence

The undergraduate certificate program prepares you to use and analyze imagery, imagery intelligence, and geospatial information to describe, assess, and visually depict physical features and geographically referenced activities on the Earth's surface for intelligence purposes.

You'll learn the context, geographic information science, and geointelligence tradecraft techniques to be well prepared to enter the workforce as an entry-level geospatial intelligence analyst for federal intelligence agencies or private intelligence contractors.

Geospatial Intelligence Undergraduate Courses

You'll complete the Geospatial Intelligence Undergraduate Certificate with these seven courses for 21 credits:

  • GEOG 213 Cartography
  • GEOG 316 Introduction to GIS
  • GEOG 415 Remote Sensing
  • GEOG 424 Technical Issues in GIS
  • GEOG 455 Advanced Remote Sensing
  • GEOG 488 Geospatial Intelligence Capstone
  • MLSC 204 National Security and Fundamentals of Military Topography or LSC 465 Intelligence Process and Policy

Photo credit: NASA's Earth Observatory via Wikimedia Commons

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