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To provide funds to be used at the discretion of the unit's director, or dean (or other formalized leader) to respectively acknowledge the bereavement, medical hardships, or non-routine celebratory events of their unit's employees or their immediate family (spouse, partner, parent, or child) as they relate to achievement of the mission of IUP and the unit. Funds shall always be used to provide non-cash items. Such expenditures must follow existing IRS guidelines for such occasions to avoid taxable income situations (as of this writing, $25.00 for gifts for bereavement and special occasions and $400.00 for retirement gifts). Additionally, each gift must be from the unit, not a single person or group of identified people. The use of these funds must be consistent and constant for all employees of the unit (e.g. what is done for one employee must be done for all employees in the same circumstances). Transfers, to and from other accounts, to this fund, as well as gifts to other charities

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