What Do I Need to Know as a New Student?

There is an urgent need for qualified Spanish teachers in Pennsylvania. Our program has long had a 100 percent placement rate for students who plan to teach.

Mission Statement: Spanish Education

The Department of Foreign Languages offers a teacher education program in Spanish designed to provide pre-service and in-service teachers with experiences which will prepare them to think critically and accept responsibilities for their own learning, and which will assist them in acquiring knowledge of the world in which we live; the functional linguistic and cultural proficiency necessary to communicate and teach in a multicultural society; the skills necessary to teach language, culture, and literature; and the philosophical knowledge to understand their multifaceted roles as educators. The program is committed to preparing elementary and secondary teachers who are able to communicate effectively in English and Spanish, to access and utilize educational research, to develop pedagogical practices based upon sound theory, to make decisions and solve problems strategically, and to serve as effective advocates for the profession.

What is the BA + Certificate in Spanish Education PK-12 Program?

The Bachelor of Science in Spanish Education K-12 program prepares students to teach Spanish in the secondary classroom or in early language programs in the elementary school. Students who successfully complete the Spanish Education K-12 program will be certified to teach Spanish in kindergarten through 12th grade.

The BA + Certificate in Spanish Education is designed using the ACTFL/CAEP Standards for Teacher Preparation (2013) and has been nationally recognized three times for program excellence. Our Spanish Education program has been nationally recognized three times as a model program!

When you leave our program, you will be prepared to join our many alumni as a highly qualified excellent teacher of Spanish.

Program Benefits

  • The program has a unique focus on interpersonal communication and cultural perspectives.
  • Our graduates set themselves apart by attaining advanced levels of oral and written proficiency (Advanced-Low proficiency on the ACTFL proficiency scale). You will have the support from our experienced faculty along the way.
  • Exciting opportunities to study abroad in Spain,Mexico, and more.
  • We work with several local schools to provide opportunities for you to hone your skills as a teacher through classroom experiences with highly qualified, experienced teachers.

For more information, contact one of us here:

Christina Huhn, huhn@iup.edu, Spanish Education Program and Spanish Placement Test coordinator
Charles McCreary, chasmc@iup.edu, chair of the Department of Foreign Languages