• Dr. David Ferguson, Interim Dean, IUP College of Fine ArtsWelcome to the College of Fine Arts. I invite you to pursue your passion for the arts at IUP. Our college is committed to providing the highest level of instruction and performance in the areas of art, music, theater, and dance.

    Our faculty have been trained at some of the finest schools in the nation and the world. Their passion for their own professional art-making provides our students excellent role models. Our faculty not only teach, but they stay active in their fields of expertise.

    Join our family of educators, composers, performers, designer, and creators and achieve your success in the arts. When you join our college, prepare to participate fully in the world of art, music, theater, and dance. Our students learn by doing. But rather than just tell you about what we do and how we do it, let me show you!

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  • We are ready to help you achieve your academic, career, and life goals. Welcome to IUP’s College of Fine Arts!

    Dr. David Ferguson, Interim Dean
    College of Fine Arts