Getting Started with Financial Aid

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  • Getting Started Is Easy

    We want your college education to be an affordable first step toward your promising future. Follow the directions below, and you may be surprised at how much financial aid is available to help you pay for college.

  • We’re here for you.

    Remember that you are always welcome to contact our Financial Aid Office at either or 724-357-2218 with any questions you may have regarding your financial aid application or eligibility.

  • Making College Affordable

    Step 1: First, fill out the FAFSA form (File early for maximum aid consideration.)

    The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is used to determine how much money you will receive from several major kinds of financial aid. Submitting this form is the most important step to getting financial aid for college. Please see How to File Your FAFSA on our website.

    Step 2: Pennsylvania residents should complete the PHEAA grant application (Deadline is May 1)

    If you are a Pennsylvania resident, you should also apply for consideration for a state grant from the Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency (PHEAA). You can link to PHEAA immediately after finishing your FAFSA to complete the state grant application.

    Step 3: Learn about your options to pay for college

    It’s a good idea to learn more about the different types of financial aid that are available and the options students have to make college affordable. For detailed information, see grants and loans. You may also want to look into summer employment, learn about campus work-study jobs, and apply for additional scholarships beyond the IUP scholarships you are automatically considered for when you apply to IUP.

    Step 4: We’ll send you information

    Beginning in March (for fall students), our Financial Aid staff will send you information on how much money you are eligible to receive from some of the main sources of financial aid. Several financial options are available to handle those costs that may not be covered by your financial aid. Remember, we’re here to help you by email or phone if you have questions.

    Step 5: Remember to finish all steps

    Complete all of the paperwork needed for each source of your college funding. If you are interested in participating in the federal Direct Loan program, go to and complete your Entrance Loan Counseling and Master Promissory Note. Watch your email and mailbox for any steps you may still have to do, such as verifying something on your FAFSA form.

    Step 6: Understanding your IUP financial aid offer

    Your offer will list the type and amount of grant, loan, or work study money you can get each semester from the federal or state government. Here is an explanation of these types of financial aid. Start checking your mailbox for your IUP financial aid offer in late January. (In some cases, if your situation changes, or new information is added, the amount of your financial aid could change.)