State Authorization

  • Authorization of Online Programs and Field Experiences Outside of Pennsylvania

    U.S. states regulate education within their borders, including online programs from other states and portions of courses conducted face-to-face in their state. These laws may affect online programs as well as internships and other activities conducted outside Pennsylvania.

    IUP is now operating under the State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement (SARA). We can accept students from other SARA states and send students for field experiences in SARA states.

    Field experience coordinators should consult the wiki above to learn more.

    Current Students: Why This Is Important to You

    Internships, Clinicals, and Other Field Experiences

    All IUP students, regardless of residency, should check our interactive state authorization map when planning an internship or other field experience outside Pennsylvania. 

    Current IUP students who wish to change majors to an online program that they will complete while located outside Pennsylvania should check our state authorization map.

    Prospective Students: Why This Is Important to You

    If you are a legal resident of a state other than Pennsylvania and would like to participate in an IUP online program while you are outside Pennsylvania:

    • Please check our interactive state authorization map to ensure authorization has been granted where you will be located.
    • For territories not on this map, contact Extended Studies at

    Professional Degrees

    All states have their own requirements for professional degrees that lead to licensure or certification (for example, health professions, counseling, and teaching). Students who need certification or licensure in a state other than Pennsylvania should contact their department and the licensing board in the state in which they wish to apply. If you plan to seek licensure/certification outside Pennsylvania, please refer to this document for specific information about your state.

    Complaint Process for Online Students

    Students who wish to file a complaint should first seek to resolve the issue internally at IUP. Prospective students should contact either Undergraduate Admissions (at or Graduate Admissions (at If you are a currently enrolled student, please contact your department chairperson. If your complaint is not related to a grade appeal or student conduct violation, and if it cannot be resolved internally, you may then contact the Pennsylvania Department of Education to file a complaint.