English Writing Center x780-5814pf194 OPPORTUNITIES FOR STRONG WRITERS—English students Shana Kennedy and Lara Weisbach help other students with writing assignments as tutors at the Writing Center. Nine of the Writing Center tutors recently attended the spring 2014 International Writing Center Conference in Maryland.

Become a Thought Leader in the Information Age

As an English major, you'll learn to read, write, and think critically; to communicate effectively and persuasively, and to analyze and create documents and media that make an impact on readers.

Your imagination will be nurtured and enriched by an extraordinary faculty. You'll develop superior analytic and information literacy skills within a supportive and active community of peers. And throughout your time here you'll be engaged and challenged as you learn to express yourself with precision and power.

Undergraduate Programs

Literature/Culture Track, English, BA

Writing Studies Track, English, BA

English Minor

ESL Certificate

Secondary English Education Teaching Certificate

Why English?

With an English degree from IUP, the possibilities are almost limitless. After four years you will:

  • Understand how language, literature, writing, and media shape our world.
  • Have the skills to engage with, respond to, and impact various local, regional, national, and international cultural contexts.
  • Acquire proficiency in oral, written, and digital communication in order to enter the wide variety of professions in which literacy and language play crucial roles.

The World Needs English Majors

There are so many career options for English majors, the real challenge for students is often which direction to pursue. We offer multiple tracks so that you, with your faculty advisor's help, can choose a focus in English studies that matches your passion. 

Expected Outcomes with an Undergraduate Degree in English

Where to begin? Our tracks are carefully designed for specific career paths.

  • Pursue your enthusiasm for film or creative writing.
  • Prepare for a career in journalism, law, public relations, marketing, technical writing, or editing and publishing.
  • Gain an excellent foundation for your career as a public school teacher, and be certified to teach in Pennsylvania and 33 other states.
  • Choose to continue your education in literary and cultural studies graduate programs. Learn more about English graduate programs.

The IUP Difference

The English faculty. More than 50 full-time members, all established scholars. Most are published experts who have written books and articles and presented their research at leading forums throughout the world-but their primary focus is on teaching you. That means all majors courses are taught by experts and leaders in the field of English.

Small classrooms. As an English major your thoughts and ideas will be heard. Small classes (about 15 students each in advanced courses) provide lots of opportunity for participation and engagement.

Thriving community. Want to write for the English Department's literary magazine? Want to present at the English Department's annual conference for undergraduates? Want to connect with others who share your passion for books, films, pop culture, and issues of language and culture? Learn more about student opportunities for English majors.