Graduate Certificate Program in TESOL

A graduate student in English leads a classroom.

Become a Teacher of English as an International Language in Just Two Semesters (18 credits)

The TESOL graduate certificate program prepares you to teach English abroad. You'll take a set of core courses that situate teaching English as a social, cultural, historical, and political endeavor in a variety of educational institutions outside the United States. You'll also work with specific materials (teaching videos, media clips, etc.) describing the cultural and educational backgrounds of the target countries to help you understand how English is learned and used.

The TESOL graduate certificate program was created for persons who have an undergraduate degree from an accredited university and are interested in teaching English abroad. Students who complete the program and wish to pursue a master's in TESOL can apply credits earned through the certificate program toward completion of the master's program if they enter the master's program within two years of finishing the certificate program.

Program Requirements

All students will be required to successfully complete 18 credits, of which 12 will be required. Students will need to choose two (3-credit) electives in order to complete the TESOL graduate certificate program.

Required Courses (12 credits)

ENGL 625 - Introduction to TESOL (3 credits)
ENGL 644 - TESOL Methodology, Materials, Instructional Technology (3 credits)
ENGL 649 - Introduction to Research (3 credits)
ENGL 725 - Second Language Literacy (3 credits)

Electives (6 credits)

ENGL 754 - World Englishes (3 credits)
ENGL 742 - Cross Cultural Communication (3 credits)
ENGL 734 - Linguistics and the English Teacher (3 credits)
ENGL 641 - Topics in ESL Pedagogy: Critical ESL Assessment (3 credits)
ENGL 723 - Second Language Teaching (3 credits)
ENGL 730 - Teaching Writing (3 credits)

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Dr. Gloria Park
Program Coordinator, MA in TESOL; TESOL GCoR
346 Sutton Hall

Dr. Sharon K. Deckert
Director, Graduate Studies in Composition and TESOL

Graduate Secretary

Composition and TESOL Faculty and Staff