What Do Graduates Do with an MA Degree in English?

The MA in English-Literature and MA in English-Generalist are very flexible degrees. Graduates holding one of these degrees are able to use their degree in ways that help them to meet their personal and professional goals.

Many of our graduates continue on in academic life, pursuing PhDs in English and Creative Writing most often, but sometimes venturing into other fields. Others remain in education and, upon completing their MA, are ready to accept teaching positions in two-year colleges, community colleges, or preparatory schools. Still others use their degrees to advance their standing in jobs and careers they already have.

The MA in English also prepares graduates to pursue employment in a variety of industries and professions, including publishing, editing, public relations, professional writing, research, and a wide variety of businesses.

If you are interested in teaching at a four-year college or university, you must learn more about the expectations regarding faculty employment at these various institutions. Exploring the MLA Online Job Counseling service is a great place to start! The advice is sound and can set you on the path to realizing your goal.

If you are considering going on to a doctoral program in English, you might want to explore the MLA Guide to Doctoral Programs. The MLA Guide sets forth detailed information regarding more than three hundred doctoral programs in departments of English. It is an excellent resource.

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