IUP English Department Awards Ceremony

Writing and Outstanding Awards are given to English undergraduate students at a ceremony every year.

This year's ceremony will be held Sunday, April 27, 2008,at 11:00 a.m. in the Blue Room of Sutton Hall.

A number of prestigious awards and recognition of accomplishments will be given to students and faculty members at the ceremony, including:

  • Freshman Scholars
  • Sophomore Scholars
  • T. Kenneth Wilson Scholars
  • William Betts Scholars
  • Recognition of 4.0 Scholars
  • Sigma Tau Delta Officers
  • NCTE/IUP Officers
  • Peer Mentor Officers and Donna Mitchell Award
  • New Growth Arts Review Editors
  • Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society Inductees
  • Student Employee of the Year Award
  • Fellowships and Graduate Assistantships
  • Peer Mentor Writing Contest Winner
  • New Growth Arts Review Writing Awards
  • Most Outstanding English Education Advisor
  • Most Outstanding Bachelor of Arts Advisor
  • Most Outstanding Professor

Winners for the writing awards in Poetry, Short Story, Creative Non-fiction, Criticism, Exposition, Pedagogy, and Innovation will also be announced at the ceremony. All students submitting entries MUST ATTEND the English Department honors ceremony. (No show, no dough.)

Cash Prizes for the department writing awards will include the following:

  • First place: $50
  • Second place: $15
  • Third place: $10

Outstanding Student Awards will also be given to students at the ceremony, which include:

  • Claudette Dolan Service Award
  • Most Promising Freshmen
  • Most Outstanding Sophomores
  • Most Outstanding Junior Awards in English Education and Bachelor of Arts
  • Most Outstanding Senior Awards for Institutional Technology, English Education Valedictorian, Bachelor of Arts Valedictorian
  • EAPSU Outstanding English Major