University Police Emergency Plan

  • This information is meant to provide you and your colleagues some basic information so that you may be more prepared for any of the types of emergencies outlined.

    If as you read through this site you have questions or concerns, please contact University Safety via e-mail at

    Be informed and prepared! Register now to be notified of emergencies and receive instructions on what to do.

    In the event of an emergency, information will also be posted on the IUP Emergency Information webpage.

  • Active Shooter
    The university community is encouraged to become familiar with how to respond to an “active shooter,” should such an event ever occur.
    Alcohol Emergency
     Time is a factor; obtain assistance from police as soon as possible.  
    Anthrax or Suspected Biological Incident
    What to do and whom to contact.
    Behavioral and Mental Health Crises
    Be alert for signs of inappropriate behavior or threatening comments.
    Bomb Threat
    Call for help, but don't use a cell phone.
    Emergency Operations Plan
    The Emergency Operations Plan has been developed as a guide for reacting to major emergencies and disasters that may have the potential to cause significant disruption to the normal operation of IUP campuses. 
    Fire Emergencies
    If you are on campus, call 9-911. Don't exit the building via elevators.
    Hazard Mitigation Planning Fact Sheet
    This plan will outline ways to protect life and property from the effects of future natural and human-made disasters on campus.
    Medical Emergencies
    Know when to call an ambulance.
    Nuclear Power Plant Emergencies
    Stay indoors and be prepared to shelter in place.
    Be vigilent, be informed, and be involved.
    Utility Failure
    Gas leaks, power and elevator outages, and plumbing emergencies.
    Violent Criminal Behavior
    Know what to do in the event of abduction, robbery, or assault.
    Weather Emergencies
     Listen to the radio or television for emergency weather broadcasts. Remain indoors during severe weather conditions.