Did you know that IUP’s Department of Emergency Management recently provided automated external defibrillators to all on-campus buildings? Thirty-one additional AEDs, commonly known as defibrillators, were purchased by IUP, not including 27 replacement AEDs for older models (in anticipation of some of the devices’ expiration). IUP now boasts at least one device for every on-campus building.

The medical device is used to assist victims of ventricular fibrillation by analyzing heart rhythm. It then delivers a restorative electric shock, returning victims’ heart rates to normal levels.

While this is undoubtedly good news for the IUP community, particularly for those who may undergo sudden cardiac arrest, training is required for a person to operate the AEDs. That’s where the university's many safety trainings come into play.

The Department of Emergency Management offers a wide range of safety trainings to assist you during high-intensity situations. Emergency Management’s CPR/First Aid/AED certification training will allow trainees to learn about various first aid techniques, including how to operate an AED. The IUP community relies on you to get trained in these techniques: you just might save a life!


The Department of Emergency Management and the IUP Police Department also offer other training that can make the most difference when you, a colleague, or a student need it. These include:

  • Active Threat: This training offers comprehensive solutions for active shooter/active threat preparedness and other safety and emergency measures.
  • Stop the Bleed: Through this training, you'll gain the ability to recognize life-threatening bleeding and intervene effectively.
  • CPR/First Aid/AED Certification: Learn how to recognize and care for various first aid emergencies and how to respond to breathing and cardiac emergencies.
  • Refuse to Be a Victim: In this training, you will learn personal safety tips and techniques to avoid dangerous situations and becoming a victim.

Emergency Management can train you, your student group, or your office on the above pieces of training, catering those sessions to your schedule. Anyone interested can contact Megan Heilbrun at 724-357-2546 or mkiebler@iup.edu. Get trained and save a life!