Go Abroad

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    Where to Start: P.L.A.N.

    Ready to start learning about how to change your life? Here are some first steps you should take:



    • Talk with your advisor .

    • Attend an Information Workshop.

    • Choose a country that best suits your wants/needs.

    • Talk with your family about keeping in contact while you’re abroad.

    • Make sure to have access to health/life insurance while abroad—many options are offered on OIE’s website.


    • Decide what program aligns with your major: Programs by College Page.

    • Assess what you can afford

    • Ask your advisor about anything you’re unsure of

    • Familiarize yourself with the culture and customs of the country you’ll be studying in

    • Listen to the experiences of students who have studied abroad

    • Learn where the nearest American embassy or consulate is in the host country.

    • Learn where you can access your money when you need it.


    • Understand that there will be a culture change, long days, and much you might not understand.

    • It’s an adventure—you will need to be open to trying new things once you get to your destination

    • Safety is vital, always plan ahead.


    • Talk to people—you’re learning in a new environment.

    • Don’t be afraid to reach out if you don’t understand something.

    • Talk with students who’ve studied abroad or are with you on your trip.

    • Keep up to date on the newest alerts for travel abroad: StudioAbroad website.

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  • Bukky Salako in South Korea

    “I am elated that I decided to study abroad.  I learned so much about myself, Korean culture, and made new friends from all over the world.  I would definitely recommend studying abroad and choosing a place that takes you out of your comfort zone...”

    Bukky Salako, Class of 2015
    Composition and TESOL PhD