Diversity Weekend

    • Diverse students walking along a street downtown

      Diversity Weekend Spring 2020

      We invite you to learn first-hand how IUP supports and fosters diversity and inclusion for students at one of our Diversity Weekend programs.

      Admitted students and their guest will learn about the offices, programs, and student organizations that help students explore aspects of their identity and find a community of support. Diversity Weekend programming and activities will be offered in the afternoon and evening on the following dates:

      Sunday, February 9, and Sunday, April 5.

      Diversity Weekend is offered in conjunction with our Experience IUP program held on the following Monday. To sign up for Diversity Weekend, complete the Experience IUP registration form and indicate your interest in attending Diversity Weekend. (If you select February 10 or April 6 on the Experience IUP registration form, the final question on the form will ask if you are planning to attend Diversity Weekend.) Register Now!

      Information for Fine Arts Students: Fine Arts students have the option to participate in the Diversity Weekend program taking place on April 5 in conjunction with the April 6 Experience IUP: Fine Arts program. Register Now!

      Diversity at IUP: Introductory Resources

      President’s Commission for Diversity and Inclusion

      Diversity Peer Educator Program

      Diversity Student Council