Brittany HooverApproach to Therapy 

To me, relationships are at the core of everyone’s existence. No really, think about it…whether it is the relationship within yourself as an individual, relationship with a significant other, relationships with friends, or even a professional relationship, everyone desires connection. It is when this connection (interpersonal or intrapersonal) gets disrupted that clients experience lack of identity, confusion, social isolation, or even greater issues. In my practice as a Licensed Professional Counselor and Certified Clinical Trauma Professional, I strive to model a healthy connection between myself and all clientele.  

For me, college students are one of the most valued populations to encounter. I appreciate the opportunity to meet individuals walking through my door. My goal is to provide genuine, authentic connection with others in a safe environment for sharing. It is my hope to meet a lot of great individuals and walk with them throughout their journey at IUP.  

Professional Interests 

Trauma Related Disorders, Personality Disorders, Identity Development, Gender Identity, Substance Use Disorders, Group Therapy, Cultural & Diversity Issues 


Outreach Coordinator