Undergraduate Programs in Computer Science

  • Information Assurance Day presentation

    Students learn from experts in information system protection from IUP, the National Security Agency, Dell, visiting universities, the state police, and other organizations at the annual Information Assurance Day Conference held at IUP.

    Demand for computer science professionals is exploding

    Your decision to study computer science could not come at a better time. A critical shortage in this field provides a rare opportunity to cultivate software development and technical problem-solving skills with the confidence that your talent will be needed when you graduate. Evidence of this trend can be found in the numerous states and cities that have proclaimed computer science vital to their survival.

    Our computer-dependent nation will only meet our need for computer science professionals if you help sustain the momentum. Take your studies seriously and you may become one of tomorrow's great innovators. Computer science has become ingrained in the fabric of a global society. Contribute.

    Why computer science?

    The global economy thrives on the innovations and discoveries that arise from computer science. Industries such as health, finance, law enforcement, and entertainment could not function without software systems.

    Computer science skills are also a matter of national security. The growing technological sophistication of international friends and foes is proof that more highly skilled professionals, often referred to as “cyber warriors,” are essential if the United States is to continue to flourish throughout the 21st century.

    The world needs computer science majors

    Our nation and its allies are not preparing enough young people like you to meet the demand for computer science professionals. Even now, many businesses and government agencies are not able to find enough qualified employees, and the need is growing. By 2020, the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that more than a million new jobs will be created in this field. And yet, nationwide only about 40,000 computer science bachelor's degrees are being awarded each year.

    Expected outcomes with an undergraduate degree in computer science

    The flexible design of IUP's computer science programs allows you to master core skills before selecting your specialty. Even after choosing among four tracks, you have the option of changing your focus. In the end, your studies will give you the knowledge and degree needed enter the workforce or pursue graduate school and an academic career.

    All four computer science degrees challenge you with practical applications designed to meet the needs of future employers.

    • The Bachelor of Science tracks require a minor that is pertinent to your area of study and intended to complement your computer science skills and strengthen your resume.
    • Experienced faculty members collaborate with you to choose a track that offers you the best possible employment outcome. Pick between software engineering, cyber security, language and systems, or a general degree in computer science.
    • Lucrative scholarships are available to assist students with passion for securing information within government agencies.

    The IUP Difference

    Superb track record with job recruiters.  Throughout the Northeast as well as in other parts of the U.S., IUP is known among job recruiters as one of the finest places for computer science training. What does that mean? Many graduates find work immediately.

    Nationwide internships.  The IUP computer science reputation and alumni network have created excellent internships that often lead to job offers before graduation.

    Balance of seasoned professionals and researchers. IUP professors do not rely on graduate students to do the teaching. Our faculty is composed of seasoned professionals from the high tech and business arenas together with researchers in software methodologies, cyber security, artificial intelligence, and signal processing. Leverage their experience to meet your goals and aspirations.