University Editor

  • All print publications meant for consumption by off-campus audiences must receive editorial approval.  Without such approval, they will not be accepted by University Printing for duplication.

  • Dealing with Publications Projects
    The university editor provides editorial and proofreading for publications projects produced in the Communications and Marketing area.
    Manuscripts for Publications Not Produced by Communications and Marketing Office
    Requests to review manuscripts not designed in Communications and Marketing Office should directed to the university editor.
    Serving as a University Resource
    The university editor consults on a daily basis with offices and individuals across campus.
    Managing Style
    The university editor helps not only the Communications and Marketing Office staff but the university in general to present IUP in a literate, consistent, and professional manner.
  • Note: At present, university budgets are not assessed for the Communications area’s services, and members of the university community who access these services need only plan to incur expenses for necessary overtime for university employees, printing, and special photography, illustration, or writing services not performed by university staff members.