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Frequently Asked Questions

I need help with my website. Where’s the documentation?

Visit the Web Team’s site.

Will you keyboard my manuscript?

No. Unfortunately, the Communications and Marketing Office staff cannot fulfill keyboarding requests. Clients must provide manuscript on disk, with one hard-copy version as back up.

My office has its own desktop publishing software. Will you edit the copy for me and allow me to do my own design?

Yes, if the design reflects basic good design principles and is approved by the university art director. But we offer these words of caution. First, knowing how to use the tools doesn’t make you a professional designer (just because I can count doesn't mean I’m a mathematician). Also, there are several products on the market that are labeled for desktop publishing but are not considered to be industry standard; therefore, in many cases, files produced with these products are difficult to manage in the prepress process. Please check with us before beginning any design work.

I don’t feel that I need your editorial services because we have many good writers in our office. Does the Communications and Marketing Office need to review my brochure copy?

Yes. The university editor will provide copy editing (grammar, spelling, consistency), not rewriting or content editing, unless these are specifically requested.

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