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Advertisement Size, Cost, Development, and Placement

  • Before placing any university advertising, those requesting placement must submit a requisition in SAP. In order to submit a requisition, clients must know the price and size of the advertisement (if applicable).

    Procurement Services has received many questions from university personnel about how to determine the size and cost of an advertisement. The following procedures will help to answer these questions and to ensure that advertisement placement is not unnecessarily delayed.

  • Frequently Asked Questions about Advertisements

    I want a display advertisement. How do I know what size my advertisement should be?

    1. The person requesting the advertisement identifies the publication(s) in which he or she wishes to advertise and obtains mechanical/technical specifications and a rate card (in electronic form), as well as deadlines for publication. One can often go on line to find this information. If the information isn't on line, it may be necessary to find the telephone number of an advertising representative and contact that person directly to obtain the information.
    2. Once the specifications are in hand, the person requesting the advertisement should send an e-mail to Ron Mabon ( in the Office of Communications and Marketing with the subject line: Advertisement Size Request. The e-mail should include the electronic mechanical/technical specifications along with the final text (in MS Word).
    3. The Communications and Marketing Office will review the mechanical/technical specifications and respond with the advertisement size within one to three business days.

    Having determined the size of my display advertisement, how do I determine the cost?

    Once the person requesting the advertisement knows the size required to accommodate the text, the department should enter a requisition (including the information they received) so that Procurement Services can shop the advertisement and obtain a quotation.

    I know what size my display advertisement should be. How do I get my advertisement made and placed?

    1. The person requesting the advertisement must first initiate a requisition, being sure to include the price information if that information is available. Otherwise, enter the requisition for $1.00, and Procurement Services will shop the advertisement and obtain a quote. He or she should then request advertisement development by sending the requisition number, mechanical/technical specifications, rate card, deadline, final copy, and any additional design elements via e-mail attachments to Jamie Carnahan ( in Procurement Services and to Ron Mabon ( in the Office of Communications and Marketing. (This way, both Procurement Services and Communications and Marketing are aware that design services have been requested.)
    2. The turnaround time for advertisement development is fifteen business days, so please plan ahead. Neither the Procurement Services nor the Communications and Marketing offices provide "Rush" services on advertisement placement or advertisement development.
    3. After receiving the request for advertisement development, the Office of Communications and Marketing will design the advertisement. While Communications and Marketing is creating the advertisement, Procurement Services is working to secure advertisement placement and to issue a purchase order.
    4. Once Communications and Marketing completes the advertisement, a proof is sent for approval to the person who requested advertisement development.
    5. The person who requested the ad must acknowledge (via e-mail or by signing and returning the proof to Communications) approval of the proof. Errors in content and typography are the responsibility of the advertisement requester, so please review the proof carefully.
    6. Upon receiving approval of the proof, Communications and Marketing will send the final advertisement to Jamie Carnahan, who will place the display advertisements with the vendor selected by the requesting individual. (This pertains to display ads only.) Ron Mabon in Communications and Marketing will copy the advertisement requester on the e-mail, so he or she is aware that the advertisement development process is complete.
    7. Jamie Carnahan in Procurement Services will issue a purchase order number and will secure advertisement placement. She will deliver the final version of the ad to the vendor.
    8. Jamie Carnahan will send the purchase order number to Communications and Marketing, in order for both offices to have a record of the placement.

    I have a position advertisement (not for display format) that will run in a print publication. (Such ads are often called line advertisements.) How do I know how much it will cost to place the advertisement?

    1. In order to obtain the cost of a position advertisement, the person requesting the advertisement must have the copy (text) for the advertisement approved by Human Resources. Without formal approval from Human Resources, an accurate rate cannot be determined. Contact Human Resources at (724) 357-2431 and speak to your search representative about obtaining copy approval.
    2. Once Human Resources has formally approved the copy, it will return the copy via e-mail. This approved copy cannot be revised and should run in the approved form.
    3. Once copy approval has been given, the person requesting the advertisement should enter a requisition so that Procurement Services can shop the advertisement and obtain a quote. Once the quote is received from the vendor, Procurement Services will then change the requisition to reflect the cost and send an e-mail to the "requisition entry person" to approve the requisition. If the department knows the cost of the advertisement, please include that information on the requisition and complete the approval process.
    4. Important: A requisition must be entered and a purchase order issued before the advertisement is actually placed with the vendor.

    Note: Please remember, as stated above, that all copy for position advertisements, whether line format or display format, must be approved by the Office of Human Resources.