Minor in Journalism and Public Relations

Students at the Penn MULTIPLE OPPORTUNITIES:  Cody Benjamin (left in photo) works with another student to make sure the Penn, IUP's student-run newspaper, gets out on time. On staff since his freshman year, he rose from staff writer to sports editor his junior year. He also worked as on-air talent for IUP-TV and WIUP-FM.

Pick Up a Practical Minor, Fine Tune Your Writing

The Journalism and Public Relations Department offers an 18-credit minor designed to complement any major. Three three-credit courses are required:

  • JRNL 102 Basic Journalistic Skills1 3cr
  • JRNL 105 Journalism and the Mass Media1 3cr
  • JRNL 120 Journalistic Techniques for Professional Writing2  3cr

Three electives are also required:

  • JRNL course of 300-level or higher 3cr
  • JRNL course of 300-level or higher 3cr
  • JRNL free elective 3cr 

1A grade of "C" or better is required for graduation with a minor in journalism and public relations.
2JRNL 102 is a prerequisite for JRNL 120.

Internship credits do not apply toward the 18-credit minor; however, a student in the minor program may take an internship and apply the credits as free electives.

See the course sequence for the Journalism and Public Relations minor in the undergraduate catalog.

To apply to the minor, complete the Journalism and Public Relations Minor Application and send it to the Journalism and Public Relations Department, College of Humanities and Social Sciences Building, Room 404, IUP, Indiana, PA 15705.