Communications Media, BS

YOUR WORLD AWAITS—Follow Norm and our prospective students into the world of IUP Communications Media, where students can explore multiple production opportunities, including photography, filmmaking, aerial video, radio, and video production. Learn to make photos, direct films, interview athletes, fly a drone, be a radio DJ… and more!

Tailor Your Classes to Fit Your Career Goals

Your communications media major can be tailored to suit your career goals. A choice of tracks—media studies, media production, or media marketing—and options for electives allow you to concentrate in one area or take a broad range of courses. Our complete course list includes more than 50 different classes, including:

  • Audio Production
  • Communication Graphics
  • Photography
  • Radio Production
  • Television and Video Production
  • Global Media and Communication
  • Women in Media
  • Television Criticism
  • Media Law and Policy
  • Media Portrayals of Crime
  • Promotion for Radio, Television, and Cable
  • Public Relations

Add a Minor without Adding Semesters

Communications media students are encouraged to expand their knowledge with a minor in another discipline such as sociology, or political science. Elective credits built into the communications media major leave plenty of room for a minor.

Certificates Add Specialization

A certificate in Audio Production,Photography and Digital Imaging, or Popular Music can be added to your major without additional credits.

Explore Activities to Build Your Network

Our student extracurricular activities are your first opportunity to network. Work with other students who share your passion for communications and media production. Produce and host your own show at WIUP-FM or IUP-TV. Learn live sports production with the Center for Media Production and Research. Write and produce your own short film as a member of the Student Film Association. Go on photo field trips with the Student Photography Association. Network and attend professional conferences with the National Broadcasting Society. Plan events or be the promotion coordinator for any of these organizations.