Let's Figure This Out

Episode 1: Connecting Virtually

For this week's episode, we invited Kevin Foster, assistant director for Student Involvement and Leadership Development at IUP. He talks about the variety of organizations that are on campus and ways that you can get involved even during the pandemic. He offers great tips on how to make the most out of your college experience and how to get the most out of what IUP has to offer.

Introducing LFTO

Let's Figure This Out is about to help you figure out how to navigate through college and life during these tough times. Follow along as our student hosts Hayley Woodside and Charles Coleman drop all the knowledge about staying connected, making connections and getting through the day by day. Each week they will collaborate with a new guest to figure out the ins and outs of being a student at IUP. Join us on this journey.

Student Bios

Charles A. Coleman

Charles A. Coleman

Major: Public Health: Mental and Behavioral Studies (Minor in Economics)

Anticipated Graduation: 2022

Hometown: Pittsburgh

LFTO position: co-host, writer

Hobby: Lifting & calisthenics

Favorite Sitcom/TV show: Girlfriends

Dream Job: Head Counselor & Leader of Intervention Programing

Hayley Woodside

Hayley Woodside

Major: Communications Media, Production Track

Anticipated Graduation: Dec. 2021

Hometown: Kittanning

LFTO position: co-host, writer

Hobby: Photography, IUP-TV, Hiking, Fishing

Favorite Sitcom/TV show: FRIENDS and The Office

Dream Job: Working as a content producer being a videographer and photographer

Tyler Germer

Tyler Germer

Major: Communications Media

Anticipated Graduation: 2021

Hometown: Columbia

LFTO position: editor, graphics

Hobby: I like to travel and cosplay as my favorite anime character at anime conventions

Favorite Sitcom/TV show: Bar Rescue

Clubs I am part of: Esports Club, Anime Club, Photography Club, JAPASO, and Student Film Association.

Hailey Gibson

Hailey Gibson

Major: Strategic Communication, Master's

Anticipated Graduation: 2021

Hometown: Ebensburg

LFTO position: assistant producer, writer

Hobby: Reading, being with friends, listening to music, working out

Favorite Sitcom/TV show: New Girl

Dream Job: Social Media Specialist