Health Hut

  • An image of the Health Hut located in the lobby of the Center for Health and Well-BeingHealth Hut is a health and well-being dispensary that provides free health and well-being items to IUP students.

    Hours and Location

    Product List

    Please note that we reserve the right to limit the quantity of items per person.

    Free Health and Well-Being Items

    The following sexual health items are available at the Health Hut:

    • Male (external) condoms 
    • Dental dams
    • Hand sanitizer
    • Kotex sample purse (includes tampons, feminine pads, and liners)
    • Lifestyle male (external) condoms 
    • FC2 female (internal) condoms (non-latex)
    • ATOD 21st Birthday Bags
    • Health Service Cold and Flu kits
    • Health Service Wound Kits
    • Health and well-being informational brochures 
    • Health and Wellness Promotion and Haven Project AWAREness Campaign materials
    • Campus and community resource information

    Lender Equipment Program

    Active I-Card holders may check out fitness equipment at no cost. To ensure equipment availability, call ahead or e-mail .  


    By participating in the Lender Program, you agree to:

    • Return equipment borrowed in the same condition in which it was received on or before the return date.
    • Accept complete responsibility for the condition, care, and custody of the item until it is returned.
    • Pay the cost of any necessary repairs to or replacement of the item if it is damaged or not returned.

    Lender Equipment 

    Note: The availability of lender equipment is subject to change.

    • Yoga mat (3 mm)
    • Body ball (75 cm) includes air pump and exercise chart
    • Meditation bell (2.5”)
    • Hip pedometer
    • Yoga for Beginners DVD
    • Rapid Results Pilates DVD
    • Speed jump rope (9’)
    • Heavy resistance stretch band (6’)
    • Light resistance stretch band (6’)